Biblical Prohecies That Came True?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Would "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" qualify?

    Guess not.

    That isn't "Biblical".

    'course, it didn't come true either.


  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    Not hard for prophecy to come true when it is written AFTER the fact.

  • Viviane

    I never claimed or behaved in a superior fashion, such as taking a persons post and breaking down line by line and on the basis of nothing but my superior opinion as to why it's off topic, wrong or in of itself arrogant.

    You claimed to know my opinion better than I do, claimed what you wanted to say the "true" discussion was, claimed to know why I posted the topic and then accidentally called yourself an idiot. Arrogance wrapped in ignorance. You are free to leave if you cannot stay on topic.

    I posted a response with scriptures that held prophecies that, if you do not get involved with the debate about whether or not they were written before or after, history shows have happened.

    They are known to have been written after.

    Your question has been answered clearly, you got what you wanted.

    Now you claim to know what I want and whether I am sated? Such arrogance and ignorance again!

    Now you've apparently decided to allow the criteria of, "Is proven not to have been written before hand" and that ends the discussion because that proof doesn't exist. You're continuing a debate you've already stated yourself is pointless - thus you are not doing it for a discussion. That's not being arrogant, that's what YOU have said and demonstrated.

    Or, I clearly said from very early on that Daniel was known to have been amalgamated and written after. Do try and keep up.

  • Viviane

    Back to what we are discussing, Gleason L. Archer could and did.

    Gleason was a believer in Biblical innerancy, an apologist with a singular goal to prove the Bible error-free (which it obvioulsy is not). He did his research and work exactly backwards and, more than anything, is a study in how to NOT do science and commit the fallacy of confirmation bias.

  • opusdei1972

    I don't know about a Daniel Manuscript which dates 200 BCE. Is there any radiocarbon measurement?. I know that that of the Dead Sea seems to belong to the second century.

  • Moses Joe
    Moses Joe

    Omg. I really wish your calling me arrogant didn't piss me off so much, but it just does. I mean you've used no references or source material in any of your posts and shot down anyone you don't like solely based on your opinion, yet I am The arrogant one here.

    Your the kind of person who I would not care if you died. Nor would I care how. As long as you did. And in those last moments, whenever they come, I hope you're still debating this in between grasps for air.

    I am am now done with this entire forum. Nobody here is interested in anything but either debate, self gratification, or is just generally ignorant. Goodbye.

  • opusdei1972

    I found that the oldest fragments of Daniel 4Q114 and 4Q116 were dated for the late second century BCE. It does not prove that it was written in the sixth centurty BCE. We have still the possibility of being written around 160 BCE.

  • Bart Belteshassur
    Bart Belteshassur

    Moses Joe - Post 23 " a general point of support for the authenticity of Jesus. Josephus was alive and saw him in action. I........I've

    read Josephus and research this for myself." What exactly did you read? Did you miss out Life 1:5 ? As Josephus was not born untill 38CE I can not see how it was possible for Josephus to see Jesus in action, would you not agree? Unless you are proposing that Jesus was still visibly in action at some time after 38CE?


  • Viviane

    Moses, I know you're gone, never to return, but I'll post this anyway.

    Yes, you are at arrogant AND a smelly poophole as well, apparently. I've used no references, true. So far none have been in needed. There is no need to run off in a huff. Your fine Christian and humanist comments regarding my death are not something I would hold against you, ever.

    Just be less of an ignorant, arrogant asshole if you come back.

  • opusdei1972

    Moses Joe - Your the kind of person who I would not care if you died

    Are you christian??

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