Biblical Prohecies That Came True?

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  • DJS

    Thanks Splash,

    That's called spin, not prophecy:

    "Other prophecies are fully understood by servants of God only after their fulfillment. Many events in Jesus’ life had been prophesied centuries before his birth, but this was not fully understood by his disciples until after his resurrection. (John 19:36)"

  • Splash
    The same is done with Nostradamus' quatrains, among other things.
  • DJS

    Yes, Nostradamus. And the Illuminati. And the Masons. And the Mayans. And on and on and on. Using the Dark Lords' rationale, we could project that the rank and file won't know that the "Tribulation" and the Big "A" have occurred and that they are in Paradise until years afterward.

    Love me some prophecy. With enough spin and delusional narcissism and gullibility, one can make any event into prophetic fulfillment.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    How about:-

    predicted ca 760 B.C: Amos predicts Israel would be restored as a nation and would never be uprooted again. ( Amos 9: 15)

    Fullfilled in 1948.

    Whist on the subject of prophecy, here is one from " The Rebel" One day there will be a female president of the United States..

    The Rebel

  • punkofnice
  • punkofnice

    My problem with bible prophecy is that those things that were supposed to have been fulfilled happened historically. What evidence is there that they were not prophecied after the event? Tweaked after the event? Or crowbarred into the meaning.....a bit like Nostradamus and the vagueries there?

    I remain unconvinced. I would like to see something in my lifetime that needs no special magical explanation that is obviously prophecy fulfilled. No chance.

    Confirmation bias holds sway!

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Going back to the O.P my prophecy fails to give a specific date for its fullfilment.

    This was indeed an interesting thread.

  • Phizzy

    This is a hell of a long thread to read through, and frankly I am too knackered to do so.

    But I take it not one Bible Prophecy, that was really a Prophecy as per the O.P criteria, has proven true ?

  • SecretSlaveClass
    The problem with prophecies is that they are almost always vague and open to almost unrestricted interpretation. And if an interpretation falls flat there are often many avenues the interpreter is able to exploit to explain his errors to the "faithful".
  • Viviane
    predicted ca 760 B.C: Amos predicts Israel would be restored as a nation and would never be uprooted again. ( Amos 9: 15)

    How can we tell is it's fulfilled if there is a "never" clause in it? Also, the UN re-created Israel. The prophecy also says the mountains will drip sweet wine and the hills will be dissolved. Has any of this happened? Hint, it has not, therefore, no prophecy has been fulfilled.

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