How do we set up a "Used New Bike Fund" for Terry?

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    Objective Truth, you have a pm.

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    I've been reading every PREVENT THEFT page on the web I can find.

    This is a particularly good suggestion I found. Replacing your seat with a bloody spike!

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    Terry - "That should make it a best-seller!"

    Fifty Shades of Grey for the D&D crowd...

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    I've been reading every PREVENT THEFT page on the web I can find.

    This is a particularly good suggestion I found. Replacing your seat with a bloody spike!

    Love the spike Terry!!!

    I biked for many years in a large city where bikes were regularly stolen. The worst I got was slashed tires. Just unfortunate I had just gone shopping after service and now had to walk home carrying shopping and bike. Ugh! I always used two locks, one of them the strongest you could get at the time. I always made sure my frame, both tyres and even the seat was fully locked onto some solid metal railing. I would often do what the guy in the first video did and point out how most bikes were so poorly locked, many of them shockingly so!

    That being said, my bike itself had been a victim of bad locking. I got it because someone had tossed it after it had been stripped leaving just a frame. After some hunting around and a trip to the dump where other bikes were being tossed, the bike was ready to roll again. I used it everywhere, for all the shopping, carrying furniture I found on the street while in service (yes, I carried a table home on it), hauling 50lb bags of rice. You name it, that bike carried it. I even took it abroad. It was never a perfect ride, but it sure had perfect timing. I was always thrilled when the chain would fall off on my way to the hall. I made sure it took longer to put back on so I could walk in at least during the second half. My visibly black hands produced the perfect alibi.

    Ah, good memories. I'm sure you treated your wheels far better than I did mine. I just hope you will be able to get another bike soon. Nothing quite beats travelling by bike. Here's to you getting back in the saddle very soon!

  • Mikado

    so how much are we up to now?


    You should equip your bike fork with a small explosive charge near the front wheel. Make sure it's remotely operated with a dead-man switch. The next time some a-hole steals your bike, blow the front wheel off when he is about 100 yards away. Wheels and forks are easy to replace, and he will never steal another bike from you.

    I admit, that solution is not for everyone. It sure would be fun to try!!


  • objectivetruth

    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry to sound cheesy, but this is such a profound and special experience for me.. I've never been involved in something like this, and I'm SO happy for Terry. I'm enamored with the Community and all of it's caring members. WOW! In less than 72 Hours we have raised over $500 To help Terry.

    I have messaged Terry for the official amount raised, but my unofficial records show about $550.00.. if this is accurate, we only need about another $100.00.

    I would imagine that the amount raised is less than $550, so we still need help! Many members have donated.. Some have donated $5.00 some have donated more, this is a community effort and we dont each have to contribute a lot, we all just need to donate some.

    Thank you so much again, I don't know Terry, but by reading his posts it is clear to see that he is truly exuberanting gratitude and Love, towards all of us.

    We are a family.

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