How do we set up a "Used New Bike Fund" for Terry?

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  • objectivetruth

    By The Way, in case you missed this, here are instructions to Donate :

    If you would like to Donate, please Visit this Link :

    Please fill in your intended donation amount, you do not have to fill in the "JWN User Name" area if you do not wish to.. This just helps us keep track of our progress.

    Once you have clicked "Submit" you will be directed to a Secure Paypal Donation Page. You will be able to send any amount you like on this page. The Donation will go directly to Terry's personal paypal account.

    (If you do not have a Paypal Account, you can pay by credit card as well, there is an option that says "Don't have a PayPal account?" if you need to pay by Credit Card find this area and click "Continue")

    If you have already filled out the form, and you just need the paypal link please PM me, or if you don't want to fill out the form PM me for the Direct Paypal Link.

    Thank You Everyone!

  • Finkelstein

    This bike lock is reported to among the best on the market.

    You can feel secure with that around your bike for a time, might get it myself.


    OnGuard 8020 Mastiff Integrated Key Chain Lock - 10mm x 3.5 ft

  • Terry

    OnGuard 8020 Mastiff Integrated Key Chain Lock - 10mm x 3.5 ft

    Wowee, that looks like King Kong couldn't break it. But wait--look at this video:

  • Terry
  • Mikado

    so what are we at now????

  • Finkelstein

    That video of the On Guard lock was surprising but to be fair that was a different model which had a combination style locking system.

    The one I pointed out was a Key locking mechanism.

    Steel cables are prone to get snipped by large wire cutters, steel U style locks are prone to be picked by a butt end of a plastic Bic pen.

    Realistically I think the best lock you could put on a bike is a harden chain link with a commercial grade pad lock.

    The only way to break off this set up is to saw it off, which most bike thieves wouldn't attempt due the time it would take.

    An example of what I'm referring to. ....

  • Terry

    The saw is noisy but the actual cutting on this U-lok took not even 10 seconds!

  • Terry
  • Terry
  • Dis-Member

    Terry... i'm just in the middle of setting up a new company so my hands and wallet are a little tied right now. But if you don't have a new bike in the next couple of months I'll buy you one myself.


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