How do we set up a "Used New Bike Fund" for Terry?

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  • Terry

    I thought Jehovah's Witnesses were going to be my family.

    Instead, they were pretty much indifferent.

    Ugliest thing in the world: INDIFFERENCE.


    JW love: COLD PIZZA.


    By the time I left the Kingdom Hall for the last time, a disfellowshiped, broken man . . . I was ready to fall down and not get up.


    Those 'brothers and sisters' weren't REAL. Nobody called me and asked how I was doing.

    I wasn't doing well at all, thank you very much.

    I wasted years of my life with my head up my ass. I licked my wounds.


    When I was finally "free" I still wasn't.

    I thought like a JW. My values were JW.

    It took years to scrape those false ideas off the inside hull of my brain like baracles on the outside of a ship.


    It was Randy Watters who signed me on to this forum 10 years ago. He could tell I needed friends.

    I had just begun my healing and recovery--trying to do it all by myself by re-shaping my brain.


    Today, this morning the sun isn't up yet, but a whole new day is surely dawning.

    People I've never seen with my eyes I can see clearly with my heart brimming with genuine love and gratitude.


    You care because YOU ARE REAL. You are free inside to love. Nobody orders you to think, act or feel. It comes from who you are.

    You make me feel special . . . and I've gotta tell you, at age 67 I've felt about as special as a bucket of warm spit until now :)

    I LOVE YOU folks. My heart is brim full.

    I say that from the deepest part of me where it really counts.

    Thank you--thank EACH and EVERY ONE of you from each DNA strand in my body!!!



  • Finkelstein

    Nice Terry, hope you enjoy the ride and yes it is great to be able to give or help someone without the curtailing restraint pushed by a religious institution,

    a bogus one at that.

    Don't forget to get a good lock and use it diligently as its shown leaving a bike unattended for just a minute can lead to thievery.

  • Splash

    Did I mention that someone stole my Porsche?


    Seriously though, Thanks Terry, I'm really enjoying your book


  • Terry

    Splash, you made me laugh so hard I spit coffee all over my laptop!

    Thanks, about the book--let us know your review when you finish.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    ((((Terry)))) -you are a great writer, that is tremendously special!! Also it is so cool you are able to get out and ride a bike at 67, I love it!


  • humbled


  • GrreatTeacher

    I'm proud to be associated with a group like this.

    Terry, I'm glad you've been able to get a bike with the correct sized frame for your stature. That makes a huge difference in efficiency which is important if it your primary mode of transportation. Please get it fitted for you at the bike shop when you take delivery.

    Also, an attached water bottle is a necessity! I'm glad you were able to get one.

    Next up, a collection for some of those cute little fitted bike shorts...

  • Balaamsass2

    Was a great post and idea. Glad we could help. Don't forget a small can of pepper spray for 2 & 4 legged animals. Works like a charm.

  • fastJehu

    @ Terry

    Great example for real brotherly love here. Have a lot fun with your new bike.

  • Giordano

    I second the pepper spray Terry. I used to have one that had a yellow marker in it so if you had to use it the person would have yellow dye on their face or clothes.

    I used it once................. It was on my key chain and I threw the keys on the drivers seat....... fiddled around with something else then jumped into my van......... as soon as I hit the seat It started hissing. Nailed me right in the butt cheek.

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