How do we set up a "Used New Bike Fund" for Terry?

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  • sparky1
    sparky1 might need a new matching wardrobe for when you ride your bike. Perhaps if someone steals this bike you can help them to have a 'religious experience'..........................Best of luck!

  • Bruja-del-Sol

    Hahaha Splash you've made me laugh really hard!

    It feels great to be able to help someone. Wishing you all the best and lots of safe miles and fun with your new bike, Terry!

    And if anybody ever needs a couple of bucks to help them out, count me in again.

  • Dagney

    Wonderful! Enjoy your touring and stay safe.

  • MissFit

    Congrats terry on your bike. Dont forget to wear your helmet!

  • Terry

    I second the pepper spray Terry. I used to have one that had a yellow marker in it so if you had to use it the person would have yellow dye on their face or clothes.

    I used it once................. It was on my key chain and I threw the keys on the drivers seat....... fiddled around with something else then jumped into my van......... as soon as I hit the seat It started hissing. Nailed me right in the butt cheek.

    I guess a yellow butt cheek is a small price to pay for safety, eh?

  • Terry

    I like that phrase, "touring" for what I do on my bicycle. It sounds like I'm a man of leisure on holiday rather than a geriatric cult-burn out.

    If I ride a "touring" bike on the busy street dodging the lunatics in their big Texas over-sized trucks, it is as a tourist investigating the

    local culture for my doctrinal dissertation--rather than a crazy geezer in some redneck's path.

    Yes, that will do nicely!

  • Vidiot

    Terry - "I wasted years of my life with my head up my ass. I licked my wounds."

    Could've been worse.

    Could've spent years of your life licking the wounds up your ass.

  • Finkelstein

    At least you know that riding your bike has accumulative health benefits that most people your age fail to participate in.

    A healthy body does equate to a healthy mind.

    I'm not quite your age yet Terry but I've come to the conclusion that the human body reaches its peak

    metabolically and physiological state when it moves through activity.

    The physical involvement of biking accomplishes this feat as well as getting yourself from point A to point B in purpose,

    at a much lower cost in relation to other modes of transportation.

    You win and so does the environment.


    Studies have shown that people who engage in a physical activity once a day have a better disposition to their

    emotional state as being happier, as well have sharper thinking capabilities.

    I'm always surprised in just how little in time wise it takes just to hop on the bike

    instead of taking my car to accomplish errands, realistically not much.

    So peddle on my good man and good health to you.

  • Terry

    The main difference between a stationary bike and a bike out on the street is in the "quit" factor.

    I've been halfway up an arduous hill and just kept going--not because I crave the exercise or welcome the exertion--but because I won't get where

    I'm going if I don't continue. Once I'm at my destination I can't get home unless I get back on my bike and ride.

    Another thing . . . a crazy thing . . .

    Riding in traffic is life or death decision-making. I have to be in a state of constant alert. The adrenaline is galvanizing! I get from Point A to Point B and I really feel ALIVE!

    I don't put earplugs in and play music while I'm riding. I'm THINKING thoughts generated second to second internally. I stay 100% actively engaged rather than slipping into an automobile coma. (Ever arrive home and suddenly not remember the drive? It was all passive habit! Scary, huh?)

    A lot of people in their 60's have trouble sleeping at night. I have no problem falling asleep!

    I can walkin into a mall and run up the staircase and not be out of breath.

    My lungs work really well.

    I sweat alot and every day for about half an hour each way. That's an hour's worth of excreting. My indocrine system gets a good workout.

    I'm not preaching; I'm just reciting my opinion.

    Bike riding won't cure anything or end famine or teach kids how to read.

    There is a feeling of personal freedom and a sense of the activity of the human body, however, which I can't seem to achieve in a bike-free day.

    So, that's my improvised response to the issue of good health and biking.

    I'm not into biking's special cult of cool riding gear, accessories and timing my ride.

    I don't know my pulse rate. I don't race. I glance at my watch a thousand times.

    I'm just going from Point A to Point B and coming back at sundown.


    I think I'd go crazy otherwise. (I meant crazier.)

  • Finkelstein

    I'd like to encourage everyone to to do some bike riding and experience what Terry and myself are talking about.

    Those who are depressed because their (ex) JWS problems or other social problems are getting you down , try some bike riding

    your mind and body will thank you .

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