Do You Support Illegal Aliens Coming Into The USA As They Have This Past Year?

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  • Hairtrigger

    Sam...24 .You bet . I'm in complete agreement with you.

  • Mum

    People are human beings. Labeling them based on where they come from is ridiculous. Political boundaries are a farce! If each billionaire and multi-millionaire in the United States had to pay his/her fair share of taxes, there would be more than enough money to take care of any human being instead of applying labels.

    My first ancestors came to the U.S. in 1727, so I consider myself a descendant of "illegal aliens." We want everyone to speak English, but when our ancestors came here, they didn't learn the native languages, but required the natives to learn English and/or French.

    We choose to spend billions, trillions on war and weapons. I consider helping human beings more important than having the means to kill them.

    There was a town in New Jersey (Toms River?) that expelled all of the "illegals." Then they had to ask them to come back because there was no one left to do the menial jobs.

    I refuse to look upon other human beings as unworthy of the right to pursue happiness, at least a decent life, because they were born someplace on the other side of an artificial boundary.

  • b00mslang

    They have a right to pursue happiness. They don't have a right to expect me to pay for it. The billionaires don't owe them happiness either.

  • sammielee24

    . Labeling them based on where they come from is ridiculous.


    I think that's pretty ridiculous - why wouldn't we put a definition on somewhere based on their tribe? Where they came from? That includes traditions that come with that 'tribal' name. A german is part of a tribe. So is a Celt. You get my point.

    As for the illegal alien, sorry you consider yourself the offspring of such. Kind of like you regret who you are - maybe not but ?

    There has never been ownership of land, there has always been occupancy. This is how cultures and societies have changed and grown and prospered or dwindled out. Even what we call the indigenous population of the N Americans has been confirmed by DNA to be linked at bare minimum of 90% to Siberia as it is believed they travelled over the land bridge. Don't you think they might have waged war or wiped out people they came across along the way. If they were illegal who did they invade to take land from? It's a circle. Humans have forever been in transit and when peace did not work, when assimilation did not work, when religion changed or leadership changed - people change and adapt.

    The world runs on money. I might not like that - I might wish it ran on humanity, but it doesn't. Money drives politics - even in past tribal socieites when the powerful benefitted from the best place to lay their head or the gift of food. As such, people working for the collective community they live in have every right to determine what kind of society they live in - that's how humans have survived. Any species will fight to stay alive - even if the fight takes place in different forms.

    I am not a global citizen - I appreciate the cultures around the world - I have ancestors that arrived in N America from the 1600's - before that some were sold into slavery, wiped out by disease, killed by war - no different than anyone else. That is an acceptance of the world as it has been and as it is. You are only here because one of your ancestors was strong enough to withstand all of that and continue your line. Think about it. THEY created the strength you have - hoping the progeny they left behind would prosper and get stronger. Anyone who feels that they wish to live as a global citizen has a right to that feeling - fulfillment could as easily come to them when they apply to volunteer around the world in countries where they believe they can help. They have that right.

    When the world stops moving on money - we will revert back to land ownership or religion or some other form of collective society with all the laws and demands that brings with it - I strongly believe that if people do not see borders or see any point in retaining culture or making laws, that they should volunteer in places where there is always a need to help others and truly be a global citizen, raising others up in their country - encouraging change from within and saving families and cultures for the next generation. sw

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