Do You Support Illegal Aliens Coming Into The USA As They Have This Past Year?

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  • minimus

    lol, Canada doesn't have Obamacare.

  • jgnat

    I fail to see the point, minimus. We've had universal health care for some time.

  • minimus

    SO WELCOME ALL THESE PEOPLE TO CANADA! Will you give them a free ride too?

    There has to be a point where you just have to say , "no more". Why should this country be expected to care for all these illegal aliens? Because we're America? That's just stupid.

  • designs

    I wonder when and if the US and maybe Canada will start accepting Palestinian Refugees.

  • b00mslang

    Maybe we should build some really kewl slums for these immigrants. Like fence off part of the Texas Big Bend area and build a copy of Soweto for them to live in. After a few months, they'll be fighting to go home.

    All I can say is that I don't want any more of my tax dollars being funneled into future Soylent. Our roads and bridges are decaying and parts of this country are starting to look like Chernobyl.

    Get a grip Leftist Idologues, we can't afford to take in the World's needy. And, if we're going to, let's forego the ignorant, Central American parasites and seek educated, political refugees that can actually produce something other than offspring. We have enough of our own Proletariat. We don't need to import them from other countries.

    As for that, if I were a Central American Dictator, I would create an artificial crisis to get the great-unwashed-masses to emigrate to the American Leftist Paradise so that I could empty the drain on my own economy. I could lower my population, leaving behind nothing but the most productive and educated. The rest can move to California.

  • designs

    FYI b00m, Our governor and several of the largest city mayors are making arrangements to house these kids. In the 1980s we made room for the Vietnamese and Cambodians seeking refuge, we can help these kids.

    As for funds towards our infrastructure needs these bills and appropriations have been before the Right Wing held Congress and it is they who refuse to pass the Bills.

    Come November we'll try to do something about that (those) blockages...

  • jam

    Lets suppose that Canadians were flooding our borders and

    Mexico was doing fine or Nigeria was our neighbor and they

    were flooding our borders, would my reaction be the same..

  • sammielee24

    Because we're America? That's just stupid.


    No. Because as Americans you allowed your government to write laws that allow for blatant abuse of the immigration system.

    In 2008, Bush signed a law that allowed for any 'child' ie under 18, that arrives at the border from specific South American countries, free entry - they cannot be detained and must be accepted by the border guards. It's the law. The law is clear in that should a Canadian or a Mexican 'child' try to gain entry in the same way, they would be denied and returned to their country immediately.

    This law is being exploited by coyotes and people who traffick in humans. A great many of those coming in with their mothers, are coming in to live with their spouses who are already in the USA illegally. The majority of these 'children' are not toddlers but teens.

    In Chicago there were 68 people shot on one weekend - the water in Detroit is shut off for hundreds of poor people - there are hundreds of homes still being foreclosed on throughout the country every single week and children and women being evicted, living in cars and in run down motels.

    This is a political issue and one everybody knew was coming - Obama made it clear that immigration was high on his agenda and he was going to find a way to legalize the 20 million or so already in the country and this is just a way to further the vote and get the job done.

    The clear solution is to work with countries to solve their problems so their people can remain at home as productive citizens.

    It was obvious where this was going when the definition of the illegal migrants flooding the border suddenly switched to refugee in the main stream news.

  • garyneal

    A few solutions:

    Help the Mexican government stabilize their society. It may require sending troops to help deal with the cartels. We did it for Iraq, why not Mexico.

    Help rebuild their country and infrastructure. We did it before in other nations.

    People who think the children should stay should put them up in their own homes.

    If immigrants take jobs no one else wants to do, then why do we have jobs no one wants to do. I can think of of able bodied welfare and food stamp recipients that should be given those jobs. You want your benefits, do these jobs. Maybe that will motivate them to find better work but at the very least we will have a source of labor for these so called jobs that no one wants to do.

    You could also take a stict libertarian approach and get the government out of everything. Leave it to the states to police their borders since the kids will be going to the schools at the states' expense, for example.

  • prologos

    let us not forget that these "Refugees" do get immediate free legal counsel, expensive lawyers, --as thet get ready to step across the border line marked on the floor. plus health, care dental care. unlimited judicial appeals up to the SOCUS , or the grey building beside parliament in Ottawa,-- if the case is interesting--

    in an interesting refugee case, doctors applauded the appeal court's decision to anull a new law that would limit medical care to emergencies for refugees, no more tucks, volume enhencements, hearts and kidneys on demand.

    --all this generously funded by taxpayers that do not have escape clauses available to the high and mighty.

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