Do You Support Illegal Aliens Coming Into The USA As They Have This Past Year?

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  • berrygerry

    There was a documentary about aliens - they insisted that they came in peace, but parts of the documentary really make you wonder.

  • berrygerry

    Oh yeah, it was called Mars at Tacks, or some weird name like that.

  • designs

    People forget the US took in Vietnamese and Cambodians in the 1980s as refugees. Hardworking people. I knew several families in Los Angeles, I studied with several while a JW back then. They would live 3 families in a two bedroom apartment. Eventually they bought businesses with SBA loans etc.. Several went on to earn degrees in engineering, as doctors and dentists.

    What is happening by some with the vile they are spewing at these people from Central America is embarrassing.

  • Dis-Member

    Has not America itslf been entirely populated by illegal immigrants?

  • Simon

    This whole idea that immigrationn is hurting the economy is laughable.

    Immigrants typically do the jobs that other people don't want for very low wages. But they work hard and the next generation works hard at getting educated and they become the engineers and doctors etc... of tomorrow.

    What hurts the economy are the failing lazy ass companies that want bailouts and the corrupt companies that export jobs overseas, shift money around to avoid paying taxes and basically subsidise their pay using tax-payer funds.

    THAT is the reason the wheels have come off the 'American dream', not because a few kids arrived in the Jesus-States (in name only, never in practice).

  • designs

    The Right Wing nut jobs want the all immigrants to go home except their gardeners.....

  • redvip2000

    Wow, "the greatest country on earth" want's to close it's door to some child refugees escaping some of THE most dangerous places on earth that are that way in no small part because of the demand from illegal drugs in the US.

    What an incredibly superficial way of looking at this. So the US should take in anybody around the world who has a bad life?

    And what is the reason you don't open your own doors to shelter and care for the neglected children that live in this nation? No, not just one or two. I mean why don't you take about 50 of them? What was that? You don't have enough resources to do that?...

    This type of "tree hugging" mentality is the type of plan that will bring down our nation. We don't have the resources to solve everybody's problem in the world - we barely have enough to solve the problems of the people who live here already.

    As i drive to work everyday, i pass by several streets lined with illegal immigrant men who have no work and just stand on the street corner waiting to be picked up for odd jobs if they are lucky. I"m talking about hundreds of these people in a few streets.

    If they are lucky to get a job for the day, they get paid cash and of course not tax is paid on that, so they don't the support the social security system that they help drain. But at least they use that money to boost the economy right? Wrong. That money then goes back to the home country and helps the economy there.

    You want to work here? Apply for a work visa. Thousands do that legally. They have jobs, pay taxes and are productive members of society. Again, i'm not against immigration at all, but i think it should be done in a controlled way.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    There is no way the United States could ever send back all the illegal aliens already here. If you can't stop teenagers, how can you protect me from Al-Qaeda. Serious groups have offered decent proposals but both parties want to play politics as usual. Our culture is being destroyed. American will disappear as a language. I focus on one group b/c the others learn English in record speed. The other groups place high value on education. I even asked one why they tend to not bother to learn English. The person said they don't expect to spend more than one year in the United States.

  • Pistoff

    The issue before the country is will they address this individual issue, and resolve it by caring for the children first, then dealing with the immigration issue?

    It is not the same question as do you approve of illegal immigration.

    Who approves of illegal immigration??

    The question is will they treat these children humanely and realize that they are here because of great crisis in their home country.

    If any of us thought we could save our children by sending them, we would do the same.

    How to resolve the long term crisis is a different issue that what do we do with these children.

    The right wing idiots in this country makes this into a political football; it is regrettable, but predictable.

  • jam

    Mexico is very harsh with their illegals. Mexico have at

    time put people in prison form breaking their law.

    I was issued a 3 day visa and I was told, make sure you are

    out of the country before your visa expires. You may pay

    an hefty fine or jail time. Don't have any idea about the

    laws in the other Central America countries but Belize was very

    strict on their immigration laws also.

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