Do You Support Illegal Aliens Coming Into The USA As They Have This Past Year?

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  • Pistoff

    From revdip:

    "This type of "tree hugging" mentality is the type of plan that will bring down our nation. (a little dramatic, don't you think? Try not listening to Lou Dobbs) We don't have the resources to solve everybody's problem in the world - we barely have enough to solve the problems of the people who live here already"

    PROUD to be a tree hugger, thanks for the shout out.

    "As i drive to work everyday, i pass by several streets lined with illegal immigrant men who have no work and just stand on the street corner waiting to be picked up for odd jobs if they are lucky. I"m talking about hundreds of these people in a few streets.

    If they are lucky to get a job for the day, they get paid cash and of course not tax is paid on that, so they don't the support the social security system that they help drain. But at least they use that money to boost the economy right? Wrong. That money then goes back to the home country and helps the economy there."

    And who is paying these men? Your neighbors and mine; apparently no one can pass up cheap labor.

    Revdip, how about you start a campaign in your neighborhood, go door to door, and tell your neighbors NOT to hire the cheap laborers?

    That might help.

  • jam

    Good luck in trying to find a license gardener....

  • jam

    Pistoff: Our country is founded on cheap labor. Drive around and

    if there is any construction going on in your area, who is doing

    the work. You have a license contractor but who is actually doing

    the work. You have contractors, sub-contractors and sub-subcontractors.

    My city contract work out to sub-contractors.. Not only your neighbors hiring

    cheap laborers but also city, county and state officials..

  • Pistoff


    that is the current climate, yes; it wasn't always that way, and it is doing the country harm long term.

    But that has to be talked about along with all of the posturing about illegal immigration; they come because there is a market for illegal labor.

    If that market is dried up, the draw is gone.

    Cheap labor is not all bad either, restaurants would close if all illegals were sent home, but I agree that they should pay taxes and FICA.

    Also, my comment about going door to door to talk your neighbors out of cheap labor was not intended to be taken seriously.

  • whathehadas

    I can't sit here and lie like there's no problems with illegal immigration. It is ILLEGAL by the way. Illegal like a poor kid stealing a candy bar from a grocery store. It may be small in dollar amounts but it adds up, if there is no action to stop it. Hundreds and thousands of illegal immigrants sneaking in the country and mostly going to one area like *cough* California. It adds to the living expense, if it wasn't expensive enough to live here already with the high rent/mortgage, food, and gas prices. I might add that with more workers there is more need for transportation. Which means there is more vehicles on the road. Which means there is more traffic and more chances for accidents. Accidents of which.....likely involve uninsured motorists, who are more than likely Illegal immigrants. Sigh....I could go on but most Americans already know about these problems. Wish we could send most of the immigrants to Canada and LEARN how to cut our own grass, clean our homes, and flip our own burgers again. Wishful thinking

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I am against illegal immigrants.

    It is a problem started by Bush and the republicans.

    But Obama has dropped the ball and is responsible also.

    Who can you vote for to change it?

    I voted democrat because of the terrible job Bush and Channey did.

    And now Obama is following in their footsteps.

    You cant win.

    But we know and knew that.

    The key word is illegal.

    My great grandparents had to apply for citizenship and come over on a boat from Germany

    and go through Ellis Island.

    Also they had to be sponsered, if they could not provide for themself, the sponsor was responsible.

    My Great Great Grandfather came over sponsered by a German industrialist who sponsered many Germans.

    I know there has to be some rich Mexicans that can sponser Mexicnas.

    Taco bell, Chipoltes, Moes Southwest Grill, Del Taco.

    Let them sponser their amigos and do it legally.

  • minimus

    The USA has enough people to try to take care of. Who supposed to pay for all this?? You???

    I'm, with Redvip 2000.

  • Simon

    What an incredibly superficial way of looking at this. So the US should take in anybody around the world who has a bad life?

    No, that is not the definition of 'refugee' (your confusing them with economic migrants?) and the US takes in a miniscule number of refugees compared to other countries and you're not supposed to turn them away.

    All the people who want to claim that the US is the greatest country on earth get a chance to prove whether they are simply full of hot air.

  • redvip2000

    And who is paying these men? Your neighbors and mine; apparently no one can pass up cheap labor.

    Revdip, how about you start a campaign in your neighborhood, go door to door, and tell your neighbors NOT to hire the cheap laborers?

    How about we just go door to door and tell our neighboors about everything in life that they are not supposed to do? What logic! It's not mine or your responsabilty to enforce these issues. Unfortunately our government has a two-faced approach to this problem, where for image sake they put up huge fences and line the borders with agents, but on the other hand look the other way once these migrants make their way into the country.

    I'm not against these hard working individuals who come looking for a dream, but at some point you have to start looking at this objectively and realize that in order to maintain our standards of living, you have to keep this situation manageable and realize our nations can't welcome everybody that has a bad life in the world.

  • redvip2000


    I realize now you are referring specifically to that group of children and not in general. I agree that it is a special circumstance.

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