Why Are People Anti-Semitic?

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  • kaik

    factfinder, we had a huge jewish cemetery in our field service that survived WWII. It was neglected as majority of the families died during Holocaust and survivors emigrated to Israel. But it was a popular place for tourists and visitors. One sister on field service commented the occupants of the cemetery as Jesus killers who would not get resurrected and they were unworthy in G-d eyes because they were like rejected inhabitants of Sodom. I was ready to kick her butt because I have many jewish friends, had jewish great great grandmother killed in 1942, and worked in place with many jews and "mischlings". I was so outraged with the blatant antisemitsm that you would only hear from the mouth of some neonazi leader or watching WWII documentaries..

  • Mikado

    James Brown, the site I quoted was that disgusting Henry makow one.

    If you don't support it, why would you use it as a support quote?

    i consider your comments immensely insulting as someone of Jewish heritage.

  • designs

    False narratives are a spider with ten legs.

  • factfinder


    Sorry to hear your great , great Grandmother had gotten killed. Same thing happened to my great great grandmother, she was killed by arabs in Israel.

    What that sister said at that Jewish cemetary was disgusting and shameful, I don't blame you for wanting to beat her up.


    I also feel that James Brown's comments are extremely insulting.

  • Apognophos

    This was a good question for unearthing the ugly and stupid beliefs of some of our fellow posters, minimus, you should make a habit of asking it every 6 months or so.

  • minimus

    apog, good suggestion!

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    But will you also ask about why posters are anti-Muslim or anti-Arab?

  • minimus

    Read page one, my first comments,.....Hatred is

  • ZeusRocks

    Personally I feel at the end of the day, people are anti-semitic for very basic reasons. They were raised to think that way by generations of idiots, they are just ignorant uneducated idiots or hateful idiots.
    I have no tolerance for mental defectives who spew shit about certain groups of people.
    The 2 excuses I've heard most of is "they think they're special as gods chosen people". My answer that that is, "even if it was true...so what?"
    The second is the classic how they run the entire financial world as well as hollywood. My answer to that also is, "even if it was true...so what?"

    As Apognophos said, "This was a good question for unearthing the ugly and stupid beliefs of some of our fellow posters", I couldn't agree more. They should be embarrassed for being so stupid.

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