Why Are People Anti-Semitic?

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  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Mikado: You have to talk to Simon or one of the administrators about my not being able to format paragraphs.

    Its not on my end.l

    And its only this web site.

    Who said they had the secret?

    A state college the kind where the credits are transferable to any other state college.

    Not the kind of college that advertises on billboards and late night info tv. Where the credits are no good.

    The Jewish situation is no secret its in all the hitory 101 books.

  • Mikado

    rubbish. you are saying that LEGITIMATE hustory books teach that the illuminati control the world with magic demonic spells?


  • Apognophos

    So, minimus, I think the answer to your question is "ignorance".

  • Mikado

    I just made the mistake of clicking on one of James Browns links,....

    it apparently is exposing feminism and the new world order....

    As a feminist I certainly dont want exposing, and if I do, I am perfectly capable of doing so myself...

    oh dear, enough said.....

  • James Brown
    James Brown


    Your putting words in my mouth that is beyond ignorant.

    That is stupid. And dishonest.

    Typical watchtower JW behavior.

    I say history books show why people are anti semetic.

    It is up to you or anyone else who wants to embrace and define illuminati.

    To argue about the illuminati.

    fist you have to define what it is and what you do or don't believe about it.

    The kaballah is very real. You cant deny it.

    And the rabbis taught and teach it.

    And if you are not Jewish

    You are goyim.

    A disparaging, condesending term.

  • factfinder


    thanks for your post.

    I did not face the same degree of anti-semitism in school my younger brother & sister did, and I felt like you. There are bigots of all kinds and not all gentiles are anti-semitic. I was not successful in convincing my sister of this however.

    This post has caused me to see more anti-semitism than I had been aware of, but I'd like to think I was right.

    James Brown-

    what you write about Rabbis putting the whole world under a spell is rediculous.

    I would not take anything you post as having any merit.

    Ignorance must be the main reason why there is so much anti-semitism.

  • apostatethunder

    First of all there is no anti-semitism, it is called RACISM and it means discriminating those from a different race, something jews have been doing since the Old Testament.

    When they were expelled from Spain in 1492 they couldn't play that card, as they were expelled before the muslims who were plotting another invasion, and the gypsies that stayed until today and became part of the culture of the country.

    Remarkably all the Reformation wars, the witch-hunts etc started in Europe soon after they were expelled from Spain that not only managed to avoid all that but that was actually living a cultural Golden Age.

    In Russia they were not very liked before the rise of communism, but the reason doesn't seem to be racism either as armenians for example didn't seem to have that problem.

    Interestingly jews have some unconditionals that will support them no matter what they do and that should be called pro-semitics; they are the people that will angrily complaint about the invasion of poor mexican children when it is about THEIR country, but that see no problem in millions of armed jews, or for that matter americans, invading or sabotaging someone else's country.

    The current political and economic system is just a factory of slaves but whatever it is jews control they are certainly not doing it alone, they are being helped by the Rahabs of every nation.

    In order to understand history first you need to know the facts, something most people have no clue, as history has been written by the ones that are even hiding them in real time. http://www.ifamericansknew.org/history/

  • minimus

    I know james brown and you sir, are not james brown.

  • kaik

    I have encountered anti-semitism entire life, and within JW community as well. In Eastern Europe we had still many Jews and I know my elders were openly antisemtic and ridiculed Jews, Jewish community, and Jewish culture. I had one elder who insisted that Jews bear responsibility for killing Jesus, therefore they are not eligible for God's grace in resurrenction or surviving armageddon.

    Anti-semitism is based on early Christian philosophy and its founder was false Apostle Paul. Within the domain of the Roman Empire, it was spread around Mediterranean and transferred to all states that base their culture on Christian principles. Medieval Europe was antisemitic, but there was also a huge cultural exchange between these two communities. In medieval Bohemia, Jews made up to 1/4 of population in Prague, and there were good and bad relationship between these two. While some pogroms occurred in the 1200 years history, it is also crucial say that some of them were iniciated by Church and turned against it as well. When a huge pogroms of 1483 happened during revolution, at the same time wealthy monasteries were looted as well and together with Jews and rabbis were killed many catholic priests and monks. They had also social context. Generally during the war Jews were very loyal and defended city and country against any invaders. Czechoslovak army in exile during WWII was made up to 1/3 of Jewish refugees from Nazi occupation.

    Antisemitism is easy, long established escape for people to collectivelly single out entire group of people

  • factfinder


    there were anti-semites in at least 2 of the congregations I was in too and some were elders.

    One of the things that led me to stop attending meetings was one of the elders & his wife who gave me rides to meetings. I could not stand listening to their hateful, ignorant remarks anymore and it did not matter to them that they were insulting me and my family.

    One elder even told me that the Jews don't exist, that the Israelites were all killed thousands of years ago and left no desendents. I told him thanks for letting me know I and my family don't exist! So much prejudice and ignorance!

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