Why Are People Anti-Semitic?

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  • Simon

    Consistent lack of integration is a more likely cause than jealousy ... it makes no sense to persecute a group for being 'chosen by god' if you actually believe it (won't god cut you up or something?)

    Few countries regularly use the "you're being anti-[us]" argument. Probably because it's lame.

  • jam

    I think I missed out on the hate and Jealousy...LOL

  • prologos

    objectivetruth thank you for the tip. and

    The Pragers (perhaps no relatives to the author) were great friends of my grandparents, left them some quality furnishings as they emigrated out of harms way with the likes of the Einsteins from my home town.

  • minimus

    I don't think people are jealous of Jews because God chose them.

  • jam

    From Simple to Remember.com Judaism online..

    Six top reasons..


    2)Chosen people


    4)Deicide (they killed Jesus


    6)Racial theory (inferior race)

  • minimus

    Funny thing, I have many Jewish friends/coworkers, and I think they are anything but inferior.

  • WTWizard

    The answer is as close as your nearest Bible. Who was proud of plundering a whole region and destroying the whole populations because that population did not worship the invaders' god? This is the theme of the whole Old Testament. From Exodus where Israel was to invade Palestine and plunder the Canaanites or enslave them--who was responsible for that? From Tyrant David--that thing was not only Jewish, but is to this day held up as a role model for modern Jews. Was that thing tolerant of Gentiles minding their own business in nearby lands? Hardly.

    The New Testament is not safe, either. Just look at Jesus. According to the story, Jesus was directly in David's line. And pure Jew! This was done, according to the story, so Jesus would be pure Jewish. And look at the life of that thing. You are looking at someone that advocated slavery and was the archetype of the perfect slave. And Paul--a prominent Pharisee (Jew), who became xian. According to that thing's writings, how much tolerance did that thing have for homosexuals within the congregation? Or did that thing say that such shouldn't even be mentioned? And why was sex so regulated? Why did Paul (Pharisee, Jew) push women down to second class status? Any race (or ethnic group) that consistently pushes women (necessary for the survival of the species) to inferior status and bashes homosexuals (which appear through the whole animal kingdom, and often serve to defend the species from invaders) does not deserve respect--especially when it is displayed as prominently through their own holy works.

    Beyond that, what are we seeing to this day that matches these accounts? The Rothschilds pushing whole nations into wars for nothing, just so they can be indebted forever. Those scumbags are why we have income tax to this day--sort of like what the story of Joseph in Egypt? What about what is going on right now in Israel--their cleansing out Palestinians matches what they did in Joshua? I would say that these actions, plus so many others that are holding back science (Rockefellers), justify the anti-Semitism they are getting. After all, is any sane person going to be philo-slavery? And, though I realize the Bible is false history, if you claim it as your own and are proud of it, you are stuck with it.

  • prologos

    minimus, well observed. not inferior. and of course with the NSDAP nazi working on the masterrace, they could not stomach that the germans had be bettered. so the Jewish people had to go, remove the evidence. The Jewish people were very intehrated in the german society I remember. shocking to see the anti semitic spark there that consumed a continent.

  • factfinder

    My sister used to tell me that all gentiles really hate Jews. I did not believe it but unfortunatly I see it more and more.

    Israel has the right to defend itself against terrorists. Israel is always under attack by enemies who want it destroyed and the Jews dead.

    I do not know why so many people are Anti-Semitic although ignorance must play a factor in it. The Christian religion has done much to turn people against the Jews.

    I found it rediculous that people would take a Jewish man, Jesus, make him into their God and then hate and persecute other Jews for not worshipping this false messiah/false God Jesus.

  • Mikado

    I don't think many people hate Jews at all.

    it is totally possible to criticise the terrible behaviour of Israel and not be anti Jewish. they are two totally different things. I recently saw a protest march against the blood bath in Gaza, that had a group of Jews saying not in my name ..

    as someone of Jewish heritage I applauded them, they spoke for me,

    the real source if anti semetism is simply history. Apparently there is a biblical injunction against usury, I am sure there is, but have forgotten which one, and don't care enough to remember. So, what do you do, but bring in a group of outsiders... then when they are auccessful you can hate them, just as banks have been universally hated forever, and voila, you have a very convenient scape goat.....

    but you have to work very hard to make people hate, so each generation has to be inculcated in hatred, thats how you get to pass it down.

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