Why Are People Anti-Semitic?

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  • minimus

    I seriously don't get it.

    Some people truly HATE`Jews.

    And it's not just Jews.... Gays, Christians, blacks, Mexicans, etc. are on the list.

    Intolerance is a terrible thing.

  • jgnat

    Some reassuring research included in Pinker's latest book, "Better Angels of our Nature", is that our tendency to intolerance is not enough for a society to break out in to violent rages. There has to be a contributing force, like a psychopathic autocrat with a core loyal following, to incite ordinary people to violence.


  • Simon

    Yes, there are some that hate based solely on race and it's a terrible thing.

    At the same time, the phrase is sometimes used as a shield to deflect fair and valid criticism.

    e.g. Should there be a Jewish State of Israel?

    "You're being anti semitic"

    Isn't insisting on a state for a particular race the ultimate form of racism? Would the world tolerate the "Caucasion State of Wherever"?

    Can anyone criticise Isarael's treatment of Palestinians and not be labelled anti-semitic?

    It's sadly often used as excuse to avoid giving answers.

  • jam

    Color blindness or color brave makes life a lot easier.

    If you believe in the Bible you can see where all this

    hate came from.

  • prologos

    I would be very interested if somebody could recoomend good, scholarly reads on it.

    Having lived through the most virulent manifestation of it, and having had the best close personal experiences with many jews.

    I would prefer them as discussion partner/opponents to most gentiles I know that seem to be dense in comprison.

    I am puzzled with the anti-Israel stance of our youngest sibling. It can not be genetic, it must be some early experience, wrongly explained, exploited by some propagandist, teacher. We older ones had to read, listen to the vituberations but carry no known hate, the youngest raised later, is as infected by it.

    In an attacking mob though, even a neutral or closet hebrewphile could get carried along and do terrible things, progrom-, Kristallnacht-like.

  • designs

    We humans are full of paradoxes and inner conflicts. The latest war in Israel against the Palestinians has brought world wide protests for its cruelty. Yet where are the world wide protests against Muslim on Muslim violence griping the region where 130,000-150,000 have died in that past couple of years.

    Protesters against Israeli aggression turned violent in Paris. What a paradox, violent protests against violence.

    I remember a Peace March I was in several years ago with the grandson of Gandhi. A young man came to the march wearing a Che T-shirt. I had to explain to him what Che stood for and the violent life he led.

  • objectivetruth

    Anti-Semitism is a Fascinating & Tragic topic..

    Some might think, that people hate Jews for one reason Or another, now a days the most popular excused are 1.Jews killed Jesus. 2. Jews own everything and are greedy. These 2 reasons fundamentally have nothing to do with the real,reason.

    Jews have been hated, persecuted, purged, tortured, and Annihilated for 2,000 years.

    The Real Reason that People as a whole hate Jews, is Jealousy. The one true God, made himself known to the Jewish People, and chose them to be his people. Christians and Muslims would not have a Religion, if they had not piggie backed on Judaism. They will never Be able to get out of the Shadow of Judaism. Judaism is the One True Religion, and there will never be another faith that originates directly from God.

    Plain & Simple the Reason for Anti-Semetism is Jealousy.

  • objectivetruth

    Prologos - You may be interested in the book "Why The Jews" - By Dennis Prager

    This book Systematically Explores the History of Anti-Semetism and Anti-Zionism (Jew Hatred attempted to disguise itself) It also Shows the fact that Many Many people have persecuted Jews, but most have a different "reason" for what they're doing.

  • jam

    Like I said, "The one true God, made himself known to

    the Jewish People, and chose them to be his people". If this

    is true couldn't God foresee that this would cause problem in

    the furture.. I'm the favorite child, Father loves me more

    then you guys...The Bible is a destructive book ....So if this is

    true, who is a blame for the hate and jealousy????

  • objectivetruth

    Jam you are to blame for hate and Jealousy, not as much as I am to blame though.

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