I'm sitting here listening to a JW try to recruit somebody

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  • Terry

    I'm at Starbucks . . . just outside in the courtyard.

    I'm trembling. My hands are shaking.


    I was listening to the these two guys talking about religion.

    Then, the name JEHOVAH popped out!

    Uh-oh . . .

    It was one of THOSE conversation . . .

    I tried not to listen, but I did listen.

    Two young men about 28 years old were in a quiet, respectful conversation and one guy was laying it all out

    about what JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES believe.

    The other fellow was listening and asking a few easy questions.

    What happened next was weird.

    They started talking about the Trinity and the non-JW started refuting the JW.

    So, we have maybe an Evangelical and a JW out for a conversation. Interesting . . .

    The Evangelical asks the JW if he has ever read any Theology books about the Trinity.

    The JW says he's "allowed" to read anything but APOSTATE literature.

    My ears perk up. The JW starts going on about how dangerous Apostates are . . .


    I jumped up and walked over to the two of them and introduced myself.

    "I just heard you talking about me--so, I thought I'd better come over and defend myself."


    I think you can imagine the reaction that got.

    As it turns out, the "JW" is disfellowshipped for immorality.

    The other fellow is a Seminary student at the local Baptist seminary.


    I won't go into all of what was said. But, I got pretty emotional!

    I can't explain why--except for the fact the DF'd JW was disavowing MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES!

    In other words--whatever happened to me doesn't matter. I think I popped my cork.


    Okay . . . I had to cool off. I waited about ten minutes before I continued writing.


    The hard-head of the DF'd JW made me think of myself at that age. So convinced. So impervious to counter-argument.

    I felt like I was trying to convince the younger version of myself and it was quite impossible.


    I told him a bit about my life story and how Jehovah was no there for me when I really needed him.

    To which he replied, "Jehovah is always there when you need him."

    I got pretty angry at that. Need I say?

    'NO HE IS NOT!"

    Which isn't much of a conversaton.


    I explained the history of the Organization, the beliefs about when Jesus arrived invisibly, Rutherford's false interpretation of Romans 13:1,2, the false predictions, the worship of Jesus chaning in 1954, blah blah blah, the Governing Body history . . .

    I gave a college level treatise and he just sat there shaking his head "no".

    He did NOT believe the Society ever said "such and such".

    I pointed out he is not allowed to research and he says he researched it ALL already.

    He even said there is no discouragement of young JW's going to college!


    Well--I finally came to the conclusion I was just getting myself upset.
    I told him the following.

    You aren't allowed to think for yourself.

    "Yes, I am."

    "Tell me ONE THING you believe ON YOUR OWN you didn't get from the Watch Tower Society."

    "Jesus died for us on the torture stake and . . . "

    "You DID NOT come up with that ON YOUR OWN. "

    "Yes, I did."


    "Personal research!"

    At this point, I can see he's lying to himself and to us.

    "There is no point in continuing this. You are indoctrinated by a cult."

    "It is not a cult."

    "Right, you only believe exactly what you are told to believe and can't think for yourself--which, if it differs from a cult--I'd like to know how?"

    "Jehovah's Witnesses have accurate knowledge of the truth. . . "

    "And how would YOU know that? Every humble, honest Christian in the world sits down with the Bible and prays for the holy spirit to

    help them understand the truth. What do they get? They get 40,000 different denominations."


    Well, I excused myself about an hour ago. I'm back over at my own table typing this.

    Those two are still at it!


    What is my "take away" from all of this?

    I'm still very emotionally invested in the depth of indoctrination and the total blindness of denial.

    It RATTLES me how impervious to reason a modern day JW is---even a DF'd one!

  • Mum

    As my friend Danny says, The Lord must love stupid people. He sure made a lot of them!

  • Magnum

    I'm seeing that more and more - just how impervious to reason they are. I see it in my own family who have good common sense and should be able to see TTATT.

  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    It is amazing how we can go along and think we have it together and nothing will bother us when it comes to the JW's and then all of the sudden it hits us hard. I don't think I could have handled it half as well as you did. I would have lost it because they are so blind and won't even consider another persons point of view or the facts. They can out and out lie to you because they think it is theocratic warfare!

    I am glad you were at least able to defend yourself when they attack those who leave. I wonder what the non JW thought about all of this.

  • Oubliette

    I like this: "Tell me ONE THING you believe ON YOUR OWN you didn't get from the Watch Tower Society."

    I'm gonna' use it!

    Depending on how they respond I might say, "So tell me, do you believe that the FDS is ONLY the GB when they are working together as a group or do you still believe it is all of the anointed on earth as a group?"

    "If you believe the former, please tell me: when did you come to that conclusion? Was it on a day during the week of September 23rd through the 29th last year when all JWs around the earth in perfect synchronization all simultaneously came to the same "independent" conclusion while studying the Watchtower magazine article, 'Who Really Is the Faithful and Discreet Slave?'? Was it by any chance during paragraph 10 of that WT study that you 'came to this conclusion all on your own'?" - w2013 7/15, pp. 20 - 25.

    "If you still believe the latter, then you are an apostate."

  • Finkelstein

    You should just said to the seminary student just look up JWFacts. and tell him there is where you'll read how this ignorant

    crooked religious publishing house created its bogus commercialized doctrines intensionally to promote its literature.

    ...... and leave it like that.

    A brainwashed JWS who may be trying to get back in after being DFed is probably going to be the worst person to be opened minded about topics of discussion.

  • Zoos

    It RATTLES me how impervious to reason a modern day JW is---even a DF'd one!

    Once upon a time, weren't we all?

    I think it rattles me to realize how impervious I was.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Well done Terry! Bravo. lol

    LoisLane will find out how she will react, whenever I am in the situation you were in today.

    -----> I have tried to talk to my old pioneer partner. We were little kids together, baptized at the same time, she was my bridesmaid. But right now, she still Believes. She will not read C of C. I have tried.


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Well done indeed!

    Nothing more true than this:

    It RATTLES me how impervious to reason a modern day JW is---even a DF'd one!

    That's powerful stuff they're cookin' up in Brooklyn/Tuxedo!

    Try to have an uneventful, rational weekend TERRY,


  • sparrowdown

    Nice try Tezza, I remember saying all the same sorts of things to people who tried to get me to think.

    I tried my best to be very genuine and sincere out witnessing but I was still completely hoodwinked by the borg.

    It's like trying to talk to a heroine addict, talking to a JW.

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