Something Big is Coming...

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  • SuperBoy

    I think the loans were cancelled following the credit crunch, as the Societry would be classed as a financial services provider.

    Something big is coming?

    Magazines to be online only.

  • punkofnice

    Do MORE....only bigger.


    Print and fold your own literature, at your own expense. It's a sacrifice to Jeehobo. The FDS has made the provision of allowing you to count your cutting and folding time as service time. They will only print 1 public JW.Org tractazine per month. 'Gods kingdoms rules', was the last book to be printed. The GB must now concentrate on building HQ and reaching the friends through Dell projectors to strengthen them against "The Assyrian." [ Pedo lawsuits]

    The collective [ difficult to prosecute ] theological construct of the FDS, will contine to strengthen the flock from their bunker. Developed nations will study the Kingdom book 5 times. By then, the new world should be just around the corner. All hail the GB!!!


  • Pistoff

    "-Celebrating annual non religious events is a conscience matter.

    ---Blood transfusions are acceptable if the blood is seperated into fractions and the seperate fractions are introduced into the body separately."

    These are already policy; I will try to find the references. I know they said that if a holiday does not have pagan or nationalistic origins, it is a conscience matter, and in the year 2000 they said that blood fractions (parts of the 4 major components) are not blood, and are allowable in small amounts; it made no mention of a number, or if they could be combined.

  • Pistoff

    You are all off the mark; the WT will be the FIRST religion ever to recognize the rights of the fantasy and sci-fi fans by translating all of their publications into KLINGON first, and then ALL of the Tolkien languages:

    • The Elvish language family is a group of languages related by descent from a common ancestor, called the proto-language. The family was constructed from c. 1910. Tolkien worked on it up to his death in 1973. He constructed the grammar and vocabulary of at least fifteen Elvish languages and dialects in roughly periods:
    • The languages of Men of Middle-earth were many, but most were only alluded to by Tolkien. He developed at least three with a grammar and a vocabulary: Taliska, Adûnaic , and the Soval Pharë ('Common Speech'), called Westron in English, spoken by Hobbits and Men in the Third Age. Other Mannish languages which were less developed included: Dalish (represented by Old Norse), Rohirric (represented by Anglo-Saxon), Rhovanion (represented by Gothic), Haladin, Dunlendish, Drûg , Haradrim, and Easterling.
    • The secret language of the Dwarves: Khuzdul. They also used a sign language called Iglishmêk.
    • The language of the Ents: Entish.
    • The language of the "Powers" or Valar: Valarin.
    • The language of the Orcs of the First Age, created for them by Morgoth.
    • The Black Speech, created by Sauron for himself and his chief servants.
    • The many languages of the Orcs of the Third Age, often incorporating debased forms of words from the Black Speech and other languages.
  • DesirousOfChange

    Do you find it odd that EX-JWs seem to get more excited about this than the real JWs?


  • TheListener

    I don't believe they'll stop focusing on the door to door work. It's the perfect way to keep members busy and to create a measuring stick for each dub to use against each other. Its the perfect system of meaningless busy work.

    Plus, with the cart witnessing there is a whole new level of spirituality to attain to so you can have the privilege of standing quietly by the cart.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    That's right... J-Dubs will be required to wear these after October 2, 2014...

  • Vidiot

    metatron - "Beyond all this, I would go out on a limb to suggest that they are simply liquidating the organization while cynically exploiting the publishers - whom they no longer need (except as donators)"

    "Manage" the decline while still in the black, rather than face a financial meltdown or legal crash-and-burn?

    Definately preferable from a business sense, and the WTS would still technically "survive".

  • prologos

    Biggy in October?

    The paper edition of the October wt is out, to be studied in December 2014.

    How likely is it, that fresh light would be anounced at the general meeting that contraticts the content of the 2 month later study?

    In the article "-- Kingdom Of Priests" , no change to the 'PARTAKING' or literal no. 144 000 seems to be coming now. but:

    par. 7,8,9 acknowledges that the NEW COVENANT is only for forgiveness of sins.

    Par 11 declare the Law covenant to have become OBSOLETE by he writing of Jeremiah about the NEW Covenant? new to me. Obsolete for 600 years?

    double talk about the New covenant being 'validated', go into 'effect',and going into 'operation'

    Par 12, wt favoured: Through the Law & New Covenants, god's people were ORGANIZED, ORGANIZED as nations.*

    15, 16 deals with the Kingdom Covenant. but not convincingly with the burning question: why it was necessary if the New Covenant is offerred by WT for the heavenly hope only already. Kingdom Covenant = bridal engagement, a legality

    Anything BIG in October seems not to be connected to the two-tier Christianity that WT has published.

    * my question: taking away the privilege of worship from the family, the firstborn, and give it toa specialized class, tribe (levite) and

    the wf equivalent the anointed, appointed.

    it only matters if there really was a talking snake.

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