Something Big is Coming...

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  • Ding

    When the GB hints that something big is coming, it's usually the old stuff repackaged.

    When the GB introduces significant "new light" they usually do it matter-of-factly, as if it's a minor change in understanding.

    When the GB changes a doctrine so as to do away with years of teaching, they usually style it as a great blessing from Jehovah's table.

  • tim hooper
    tim hooper

    Magazines will only be available via online downloading. Ads will appear on TV and other media featuring hypothetical problem situations with the all the answers only available at

  • opusdei1972

    I hardly believe that the 144000 will be regarded as symbolic in this Annual Meeting. This is a core doctrine in the Watchtower Theology. I think they will wait until the overlapping generation passes.

  • KateWild

    I agree with punky...........nothin is happening any time soon, we need to move on with our lives and create big memories. Kate xx

  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    Maybe the silver Bible will become available in purple! I hope ...I hope ...I hope


  • EdenOne

    I agree that the GB has been grooming the flock to accept changes without questioning the leadership.

    a) Those changes may seen illogical from a human point of view (read: they are huge doctrinal / organizational changes, that challenge the flock's perception that this is Jehovah's organization.)

    b) The Organization is, for all ends, equal to Jehovah. If you're ready to obey God without hesitation or questioning, do the same towards his Organization, because they are "one", just as Christ and the Father are "one".

    c) Recent "new light" on the meaning of "Generation" (overlapping generations of anointed christians); faithful and discreet slave (not anymore the anointed class, now it's solely the Governing Body, appointed by Christ in 1919); the exclusion of Russell from any connection with the appointment of the slave (by moving the appointment of the 'slave' to a date after the death of Russell, they managed to exclude Russell and his teachings without having to renegate him - so he can still be honored and venerated, but his fundamental teachings can now be abandoned because he was never part of the 'slave'.); The new understanding of the "3rd heaven" (the GB now concedes that there is a paradise in the spiritual domain, after all).

    d) The re-branding of the Watchtower into "JW.ORG"

    e) The promotion of the website as the ultimate means of teaching people world-wide, and drastic slow down in the printing of literature; downsizing of branch offices and printing facilities and staff.

    f) Erasure of staff on the payroll: Bethelites and District Overseers. Vast empowerment of Circuit Overseers, while at the same time reducing liability exposure from Bethel.

    g) Emphasis on "new" methods of evangelizing (literature carts, street stores, trucks, book fairs, website, e-publications), and less investment on door-to-door evangelizing.

    All these recent changes are a strong 'composite sign' (see what I did there? ) that major changes are coming. They won't be pretty for the old-timers and the die-hards.


  • Syme

    They need to do something with the partakers issue: it is embarassing to see them grow expotentially year by year, while claiming the the End's nearness is testified by the fact of the dwindling partakers.

    So, maybe they will declare that EVERYONE now can, and MUST, partake from the emblems in the Memorial; at least, every baptized JW. And so they get away with the partakers issue.

    No need to worry about what scripture justifies that, I'm sure they'll find one, and do the proper tweaking to fit their change!

  • prologos

    sime, to the contrary, they never had a scripture to justify only the 'remnant' to partake. why?

    because in the story , when jesus passed the wine, the bread, ALL of them had the eartly hope, understanding.

    Those that kept hoping for New Earth, kept partaking. still,

    It would be a big, tacit admission that the apostates , eating, drinking privately were , and of course ARE right, after all.

    New light, -seen in the rear view mirror of the wt writers.

  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    I agree, these articles are priming the pump for a BIG Change.


  • sir82

    while claiming the the End's nearness is testified by the fact of the dwindling partakers.

    It's been at least 10 years since they've made that claim.

    For JWs, anything more than 3 years old is outdated. 10 years old is virtually ancient.

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