Something Big is Coming...

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  • 88JM

    They can tell the vast majority in 2014 to START partaking, the sheeples will all obey, many saying they knew all along that something was wrong.

    I hope they have budgeted for all the red wine they would need.

    Perhaps the WTBTS is buying shares in vineyards now? GB approved memorial wine?

  • piztjw


    I believe that soon "nu-lite" will be trotted out that the Revelation number of 144,000 will be determined to be symbolic, as is every other number in Revelation. There will be THREE groups of people, not just TWO as is taught currently. The "little flock" Jesus referred to will be the first century Christians who were actual contemporaries of Jesus and his hand picked apostles. The great crowd (Rev. 7: 9) will be an unknown number of Christ's followers who will be in heaven. The "other sheep" will be those who believe they will live forever on earth. The teaching of the generation that saw 1914, and now an overlapping generation, will be quietly dropped.

    That would explain away the growing number of partakers at the KH's and buy quite a few more years of waiting for the end to come "soon".

  • galaxie

    88 can bet your cabernet sauvingnon that the wbts hedge fund investments will include wineries.

  • stuckinarut2

    emporer's new clothes!

    it will be a big fuss over nothing of substance!

  • DesirousOfChange

    The last "really big & gonna shock ya" change I recall was the Donation Arrangement when we ceased charging for literature.

    It was the result of the legal case in the US allowing sales taxes to be required on the sale of religious literature. So, I suspect any "big change" would be the result of other legal issues that they just can no longer skirt around. The cancelation of all the KHall loans was really quite a big thing (though it was downplayed) and I'm sure was the result of legal issues with new US Banking rules or something of that nature. OR, was an effort to get assets (loans receivable) off of the accounting books.

    I can see the WT Corp being dissolved in an effort to stop the financial risk from potential lawsuits, though this would reason would never be mentioned to the R&F.

    Or, I can see blood transfusions being said to be a completely "conscience matter". However, I would suspect that those who fail to have a "Bible trained conscience" and accept a transfusion would be considered "spiritually weak" and not qualify for any kind of privledge (except cleaning the bathroom toilets -- ANYONE can qualify for cleaning).

    In either case, it's to reduce legal liability. Follow the money.


  • Oubliette

    DOC, "spiritually weak" in JW-land translates as "You don't do what I think you should do."

  • Vidiot

    Juan Viejo2 - "...expect changes in both blood and pedophile policies, but probably seemingly quite moderate and maybe undecipherable to the average JW. Look for more flexibility and less discipline connected with blood transfusions, and tighter controls and more cooperation with law enforcement when dealing with pedophiles."

    The changes to the blood policy are already underway (it's not technically a DFing offense anymore); anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that they've been working to steadily phase it out for a good ten-odd years, now (without looking like they're trying to phase it out, of course).

    The opposite seems to be the case with the pedo problem, though; they've double-downed on the two-witness rule, and won't budge.

    With the rebranding, they're trying to give the appearance of "mainstreaming", but don't kid yourself; they're an authoritarian high-control group to the core, and that ain't gonna change.


    Good observation, PIZTJW. You are thinking like a corporate leader.

    Maybe nothing "big" is happening this year, but it will happen. It has to. The WTBTS makes changes when the passage of time makes it necessary. THEN they label it as nu-light and as previously mentioned, all who disagree are spiritually weak. They will have to change the overlapping nonsense at some point. We already have multiple groups of "domestics", #1) FDS domestics, [ ONLY THE GB ] #2) Anointed/non-GB Domestics [ including Jesus' HAND-PICKED DISCIPLES, LOL!!!!!!], #3) The Great Crowd of [ other sheep]. All must partake, of course.

    How easy, and " logical" it would be to simply make the "Great Crowd" and "other sheep" separate groups and drop the overlapping generation into obscurity. IF the 144,000 is understood to be symbolic, then you can have a " representative" on Earth indefinitely. These " holy ones " can be assisted by " Great Crowd Helpers" of the other sheep. Who the F knows when the four winds will be released?!?!? It can't happen until the full number of the SYMBOLIC 144,000 is gathered. When the Hell will that be?!?!?! SOON!!!

    "Evidently", Jesus meant that the "generation" referred to the wicked who saw the sign, but refused to mend their ways. Jesus also " evidently " meant that the Great Crowd were anointed members who were not part of the FDS. Furthermore, Jesus EVIDENTLY meant that the other sheep have an earthly hope. Does this adjusted understanding contradict our understanding of the GT?!! Not at all! Evidently, Jesus meant that there would still be some Great Crowd/anointed domestics on Earth, taking the lead until the start of the GT!! When will that occur? We are wise not to speculate. The GT will occur when the "ASSYRIAN" attacks God's people. This will evidently coincide with the FINAL sealing of the Holy Ones of the symbolic 144,000. We cannot say when the final members of the 144,000 domestic members of the great crowd are sealed. Even so, the Earthly other sheep are eager to follow the Great Crowd wherever they go!!

    Thanks be to Jehovah, who mercifully allows time to pass, thus making it possible for millions of Other Sheep to stream to his earthly organization, which is being lead by the faithful Great Crowd!!


  • metatron

    I think necessity should be given priority over all other considerations.

    To me, there is no compelling necessity to change the 144K thing. OTOH, there are compelling reasons to change the "ministry" radically - and they seem to be laying the groundwork for it in obvious ways.

    The global door to door work generates nothing of significant value. The magazines are a waste of newsprint relative to cult goals.

    Not only that but the door to door work coupled with the magazines is an eventual liability. Some court somewhere someday will connect volunteers, offering official magazines as creating a link to 'deep pockets'.

    Beyond all this, I would go out on a limb to suggest that they are simply liquidating the organization while cynically exploiting the publishers - whom they no longer need (except as donators) "Goodbye and Thanks for all the fish.........."

    So, I see big change originating related to the above



    I think changes in the D2D will be first.. Time will force other "adjustments."


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