COBE cannot be 80 or more

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  • leaving_quietly

    Thanks, Fader77. This is actually quite outrageous. The COBE isn't really all that special of a position. This person schedules Service Meeting parts, maybe public talks (though that's usually delegated to someone else), handles scheduling meetings, and is basically a point of correspondance for the branch. This is absolutely ludicrous. The GB is in a much, much more responsible position, yet they can be on the GB? That makes no sense. Also, they got rid of the title "Presiding Overseer" because it seemed to give too much authority to one elder on the body. This was emphasized when it went to Coordinator of the Body of Elders. This change makes it seems like this one position DOES actually have more authority.

    This religion is getting weirder by the second.

  • Splash

    This will prevent the newly retired CO's and DO's from taking over as COBE's when they get reassigned to a congregation.

    That will bring them down a peg or two.


  • suavojr

    Splash, That has to be it!!! The GB wants to make sure those old DO's cannot have direct influence in the congregation

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Hmm, Splash may be on to something here.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    6-5-14, addendum to previous BOE letter dated 6-1-14:

    "Dear Brothers,

    We inadvertantly published that brothers 80 years of age can no longer serve as the COBE.

    We meant to say that brothers with an IQ over 80 can no longer serve as the COBE.

    Your Brothers,

    The Christian Congegation The Governing Body Says"

  • Open mind
    Open mind




    "Of course, a co-ordinator of the body of elders who is not yet 80 years of age might also modestly decide that it would now be best to have another brother take on this role."

    This sloppy wording would indicate that neither any male already 80 years of age nor any "who is not yet 80 years of age"--thus, every other male--should serve as the CoBoE.

    Unless the breaking news is that women are to begin assuming these positions, one is left to assume the reference is intended for men imminently approaching 80, i.e., 79 year-old incumbent coordinators.

    That is not, however, what it says.

    Not trying to tell Jehovah how to run His organization, but perhaps completion of a freshman level "Introduction to Basic English Composition" course should be required for those He anoints as scribes to pen His holy communications to His faithful.


    Captive 7/1972 - 2/2001

  • rowan

    My dad is 83, and he always gets saddled with the jobs nobody wants. Obviously, he has been the secretary for years now. I sooo wish they would retire all the elders after 80, not just the COBE.

  • Apognophos

    Heh, I see what you mean, but I'm sure most people will interpret that "not yet" as "almost". You know, like the end is "not yet" here, but we know it must be "almost" here.

  • Syme

    Thanks for the intell, Fader77.

    Now, WHY? Why hadn't we thought of it before? (Some of you may have had). Why didn't we realise what the true purpose of those recent WT articles about the ''elderly'' was?

    It was right under our noses; we should have noticed it. (again, I believe some of you here will have had noticed it)

    The COBE in 'my' cong is 82 years old. He is very intelligent, absolutely no signs of dementia, very serious reader/researcher, very good at organizing and leading; there's absolutely no reason he should be removed from his post.

    I *will* feel sorry for the guy, but I hope he will wake up.

    I don't know guys, I have a feeling, a hunch, that this particular change is bound to wake lots of Dubs up.

    On the other hand, it will be a major blow for many COBEs like the one I mentioned. I'm afraid some may even suffer heart strokes. It is not an exaggeration; some will perish (literally) because of this violent change.

    They're just throwing them away like used ,well, things. And they came up with those ridiculous articles about the elderly just to pave the way for this change! It is the essence of Orwellian functioning. It makes me soooo sick

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