COBE cannot be 80 or more

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  • fader77

    A new letter no longer allows an elder to be COBE if hes 80 or more

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Okay. That is nice to know. Can you post a letter for all of us to read?

    Also, welcome to JWN.


  • LostGeneration


    Nice of them to allow the poor sap who has been stressed to the max to 'retire' at 80..

    I'm sure they will still let him sit on JCs and send him out for public talks though...

  • Quarterback

    So much for freedom 55


    If true, hopefully this will piss off those in the congregation who are over 80 years old. They should vote with their pocketbooks and refuse to donate to such ageism. They should demand to know what the GB's reasoning is for instituting this policy.

  • LostGeneration

    I guess John would have been disqualified from writing Revelation based on these new discriminatory rules that the WT is now embracing!

  • daringhart13

    Hmmmm............does this apply to members of the Governing Body too?

    Oh yeah......of course not.

    Isn't it, older ones can no longer be part of the 'faithful slave' or be an elder......It just keeps getting better!

    Hey....out of old was Moses when he went to Pharoah again?, never light

  • fader77

    I have a pdf of it. What's the best way to attach a pdf here

  • LostGeneration

    Its probably not the best idea to post it as an image here, the WTS gets their panties in a bunch when their letters are posted...

    You can load it up to sendspace for people to download the original, or copy/paste the text into a post.

    Welcome to the board!

  • fader77


    Re: Coordinator of the body of elders

    Dear Brothers:

    The Governing Body appreciates the fine brothers who serve as congregation elders and

    the work they do in advancing Kingdom interests. Many elders have served in this capacity for

    decades, and we benefit from their wisdom and fine example of faith and loyalty in caring for

    Jehovah’s sheep.—Acts 20:28; 1 Pet. 5:2, 3.

    As the organization continues to expand, there is a need for more brothers to reach out

    and a need for those who now serve as elders to take on more responsibility. To assist in this effort,

    the Governing Body has decided that, effective September 1, 2014, brothers who are 80

    years of age or older will no longer serve as a coordinator of the body of elders. Of course, a coordinator

    of the body of elders who is not yet 80 years of age might also modestly decide that it

    would now be best to have another brother take on this role.—Mic. 6:8.

    If, in view of the foregoing, it will be necessary to recommend a change in the brother

    serving as the coordinator of the body of elders, this matter should be given due consideration at

    an upcoming elders’ meeting. If the next visit of the circuit overseer to your congregation will

    not be until after September 1, the recommendation could be held until his visit.— ks10 chap. 2

    par. 13.

    In the Shepherding textbook, chapter 2, paragraph 11, after the first sentence, each elder

    should insert “He must be less than 80 years of age.”

    We thank you for your loyal support of these theocratic refinements. (Isa. 60:17; Rev.

    1:20) Please accept an expression of our warm Christian love.

    Your brothers,

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