I was "totally" stopped in my tracks by an "atheist" comment.

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  • Patrick45

    Hi booker-t,

    What would be your position if the ark were actually found at mount Ararat?

    Check it out.

    The question about the nature and the goodness of Yhwh is a valid one.

    IMO there was a major problem with genetic mixing back then.

    Leaves the Sodom and Gomorra riddle unanswered and some more.

    We do not know that much about many things. We are very limited. I choose the way of faith, wherever it might lead me to. Big adventure!

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    IMO there was a major problem with genetic mixing back then.


    There's not a shred of evidence to support such a claim. There are, however, plenty of fanciful musing from ancient goat herders about such matters.

  • Theredeemer

    God sounds like a undecisive little beeatch! Psa 145:9 compare to Jer 13:14

  • cofty

    I choose the way of faith, - Patrick45

    Translated as - I choose to believe the pre-scientific, superstitious ramblings of Iron-Age people, and ignore irrefutable evidence to the contrary, because my deity values wilfull ignorance.

  • milola

    I think it is ridiculous just from the standpoint of "What was the point?" He cleansed the earth?...well it is all screwed up again. And talk about genetics?....Now all that's left is daddy, mom, and the kids! And yes what a hideous being that god is! Pure evil.

  • jgnat

    We HAVE had massive extinction events, recorded in the fossil record, but they do not match the biblical account.

    Extinction Event

    So in a way, milola, the earth has been "cleansed" several times over.

  • jgnat

    God appeared to have different standards of justice by which he could act. - Apognophos

    As in...He was the God of the Jews and hang the rest. My God is better than your God. Some Animals are more equal than others. It makes perfect sense for a tribal culture surrounded by enemy tribes, and makes less sense in a world where we are awakening to our global, human identity.

  • Apognophos

    Well, that too, but I was referring to the fact that God commanded the Israelites not to take vengeance on the sons for the fathers' crimes, but he himself reserves the right to do so to the third or fourth generation -- or indefinitely, if you count the Garden of Eden scenario, and why shouldn't we?

    The Gan Eden story was the answer of the ancient Jew for the questions, "Why is life hard for man when he's God's special creation? Why are the fields so hard to cultivate? Why is childbirth so difficult? Why do we die?" The answer was, "Because your first parents did something wrong, and naturally we should all have to pay the consequences." Killing the babies of the sinners in the Flood was a drop in the bucket compared to the billions who've suffered and died since Adam and Eve supposedly lived.

    It's a Jewish joke that the Jews invented guilt. If that's true, then it's also the case that Christians have inherited this particular invention from the Jews.

  • Viviane

    IMO there was a major problem with genetic mixing back then.

    And what would that problem be?

  • problemaddict

    Did someone just sugges that the ark had been found on Mt Ararat? I beg to differ. There have been many expediations, and a few hoaxes, but absolutely nothing has appeared.

    To suggest otherwise is not to have your facts straight.

    Also, one of the more dedicated "ark researchers", is actually an Armenian JW. Did you know that?

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