Took my son (5 yrs) shooting for his first time.

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    dazed ...

    So are you going to teach him how to drive, smoke or drink when he gets to first grade?

    Many of us would like to see another set of pictures of him defecating on your kitchen table. We can then start a new thread and vote on which of the two sets of pictures we prefer to see.

    Rub a Dub

    (gun owner, 2 locked away in attic)

  • Truthseeker677

    Kate are you a vegetarian?

    Do you know how violent the death of most animals are?

    Yes we should fashion ourselves after the African Continent because they don't have guns?

    Have you ever been to a farm and seen the wild rice and grain growing? There are things there called cows. We harvest them. We harvest the rice the corn and the cows . Sometimes this harvest requires tools like guns and ammo. Its just the way it is.


    dazed but not confused..


    Looks like your Son had fun..Good for you..

    He was well supervised..Target shooting is fun..

    A gun can put dinner on the table,meat in the freezer..

    Keep your family and home safe from coyotes,mountain cats..Ect..ect..


    I`ve had the family dog ripped up by both coyotes and cats..

    They`d go after a child as well..




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  • KateWild


    You are being disingenuous by deliberately missing my point that the gun was too powerful for the child. In your opinion guns are not violent weapons, they are a form of learning safety and responsibility. I disagree, many enjoy firing violent weapons.

    The way food is slaughtered has nothing to do with going to a shooting range and firing a gun. The sole purpose of a shooting range is to enjoy a hobby. If you don't enjoy firing guns then why are you so vocal on this thread?

    Kate xx

  • Viviane

    That's not the sole purpose of a range, Kate.

  • Truthseeker677

    kate Wild you should go and live in the wilds, after a period of time you would feel just like me or you would be dead.

  • designs

    Dick Cheney should have spent more time in gun safety class...

  • BU2B

    Actually most kids who accidentaly shoot themselves or others were not taught gun safety and the dngers of them not being used properly. What Dazed is doing is limiting that risk.

    For those who say only cops should have guns, over here in the US the police EXECUTE an unarmed person seems like at least once a week for the past year. I am glad you feel so comforted by this. A car is a potentially deadly weapon for a pedestrian. If you are walking down the street, at any moment a deranged person could decide to run you over and kill you. Also there are car accidents. I dont think too many people want to ban civilian ownership of cars.. Maybe there should only be police cars.

    Guns are tools like knives (sorry UK I know those are banned there too) hatchets, crossbows, swords, hammers, crowbars, etc. They can be used to hunt for food, protect from wild animals, home invaders, rapists and lunatics who want to do others harm. If having no guns make you safer, than the police should turn theirs in as well so they can be safer too correct?

    What is deceptive about statistics in disarmed societys is that although gun crime may be lower, overall assaults, rapes, violeet crimes are sky high because the people are defensless. Thank God the USA has a castle doctrine so we can protect our families. In some "civilized" countries the criminals have more legal and civil rights than the law abiding citizen.. No thanks

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