Took my son (5 yrs) shooting for his first time.

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  • Truthseeker677

    You want to know something all. Just living in this great land there is so much beauty. I can see it in a grain of sand or sitting on a rock at niight whith the firm foundation of the Canadian Sheild under your feet stairing into the sky. I guess I'm so spoiled.

  • Truthseeker677

    Tail Spin I did get the hell out of Toronto . Happily ensconced in Kingston Ontario.

  • designs

    Galax VA. The Galax Police Department is holding a training program for youth in the town- "On Target for Christ" May 10th, 2014. Space is limited to the first 50 youths who register. .22 caliber rifles will be used in the training program. "The goal of the program is to build relationships with young people from both a ministry and law enforcement view" said Barry. Barry can be reached at 276-233-1590.

  • talesin

    Ts - I have chosen family there ,,, I hear it's a good town! :)

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run


    How can a public police department hold a gun whatever for Christ? Unless it is a private police force, it can't be for Christ. Sometimes people look the other way when an area is isolated.

  • Truthseeker677

    People look the other way all the time sometimes their with the govrnment sometimes they're opposed. Another great truth I have learned living in this country.

  • EndofMysteries

    Bumping this at Nathan's request to see evidence of people advocating that young children should be handling firearms in light of the uzi incident with the 9yr old girl.

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