Took my son (5 yrs) shooting for his first time.

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  • transhuman68

    Ah well... there are a lot less roadside signs full of bullet holes now, anyway!

  • Truthseeker677

    I respect the intelligent people that have stayed away from this thread. There is nothing wrong with taking a 5 year old boy out and teaching him how to use a gun responibly.

    People look at your watches and clocks and daylight saving time. Invented by another evil Canadian \ Brit Sanford Fleming .

  • Truthseeker677

    I took my daughters out and taught them how to drive. They are still responsible drivers. I wish I could teach responsible driving to my wife LoL

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Know it alls,

    There are bears in Essex County, NJ. Bears are at Bear Mountain in Westchester County, NY. I've seen bear. If you live on a frontier, you need a gun. If you live in the suburbs, stop making America the butt of jokes. The NYPD shoots for me. I pay taxes. Red necks...............Happiness is a warm gun. Yeah, show Those photos of your son are gross. Absolutely gross.

  • TD

    LOL - BOTR

    I love any and all Beatles references. Looking out my back door though, am I frontier or suburb?


    The mountains you see in the distance are on nearly a thousand square miles of reservation land. When my two BIL's and myself were attacked by a pack of feral dogs on a fishing trip on the reservation, should I be grateful or ashamed to have been armed? Should I really care if Europeans think the latter is hilarious? It kept my skin intact.

  • theunwitness

    It's morally superior to be a victim, at least in the mind of a hoplophobe.

  • sooner7nc

    Red necks...............Happiness is a warm gun. Yeah, show Those photos of your son are gross. Absolutely gross.

    BOTR, does this make you feel better about yourself you asshole? You are a bigot who is bereft of a moral compass and can only offer quotes of tired Beatles lyrics and things that you "used" to do. You're continued existence is rerehensible.


  • Truthseeker677

    Sooner I am no redneck although the thought of a hard working person,getting his neck red sits lightly with me. A good fire and good people around is all I ask. I couldnt care less if thier white ,Black, Asian or Aboriginal peoples. Have you ever read about the history of this country called Canada?

  • villagegirl

    Hello ? Numb nuts and macho, delusional, cowboys -

    News-flash you can not teach a 5 year old how to

    "use a gun responsibly" Why? Because he is 5 years old.

    You nitwits, you cannot teach a 5 year old how to handle a

    deadly weapon, because he does not have the reasoning ability

    on board to determine fantasy from reality. Why ? Because his brain is

    undeveloped, where are all the "scientists" and men of reason ?

    Cofty where are you when we need you ???

  • Truthseeker677

    Dazzed and not Confused You done nothing wrong.

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