Is it just me or has this site become a Believer/Atheist warzone?

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  • mrhhome

    To answer the question about my background, Masters of Science in Engineering. Pre-Engineering I worked for a Zoologist research who went on to become one of the best in his field. Pre-graduate school, I worked on a research vessel with several world reknown marine biologist and oceanographers. Early in my career, I was heavy into modeling and analysis. Spent the last 6 years in applied research (more empirical in nature). Worked with numerous PhDs throughout my career.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Let me note that we did not take a vote on this forum and appoint you our monitor.

    Let me note, dear band, I wouldn't take the job if you did. Not even if you paid me. Well, maybe if it was full time, offered benefits like paid holidays, 4 weeks vacation, sick days, very good health insurance, an office with a great view, a company car, a fitness membership and did I say lots of money?

    I think we here on the forum might need to take up a collection for some chapstick. I'm thinking you might need some after your posts about Cofty and me. Golly, Miss Molly, I wish I could send a little refreshing breeze into your mind to clear up some of the clouds. I don't think your interpreter is working very well anymore. You didn't read all of my of posts and Cofty's posts to each other, or you wouldn't have been bravely taking up for him when he didn't need it. We didn't see eye to eye on the use of sarcasm. We handled our own responses to each other, but thank you for the consideration.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I stand by my answers to the original post. I agree with him. I don't think there's a problem with discussing atheism or theism. I have my observations on what causes the tone of the B/A threads and discussions to make the forum seem like a warzone to the OP. You can answer someone who believes that God speaks to him, without using caustic sarcasm or trying to have a laugh at his expense, by making him the butt of your joke. That doesn't mean I think you have to agree with the person.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I disagree with you. People here say this forum has always beren this way. Again, you are not the monitor. We have mods. I find your remarks chilling. You appear to want to censor discussion. Otherwise, no discussion is possible. Let me add that this forum echoes the culture vBulletin wars in America. Excuse me phone post.

  • KateWild

    How may of you who cite science and discuss philosophy are (a) scientist and (b) read any philosophy?-mrhhome

    Me, I am a chemical analyst, and I am reading Einsteins philosophical views on religion and science. Thanks for asking. Kate xx (Sam)

  • KateWild

    How may of you who cite science and discuss philosophy are (a) scientist and (b) read any philosophy?

    cofty you can't live on hope and faith you need to look at the evidence.

    I am a newbie, I was scared $%^)less, and ran from it when I first started lurking. But it's nice to have a hope cofty, but sometimes you just need to WAKE UP and take the red pill

    Sam xx

  • KateWild

    Mrhhome: you go first, whats your background in science?-bohm

    Interesting you should say that. I have never asked you nor you I. But I know you have a similar background to me, and I would guess you can tell this also, by the way we exchanged on many chemistry related topics. I reacall one in particular about U 238 decay to Pb. So really we should not try to expose newbies as lacking in knowledge.

    We have a strikingly similar background. I believe in God and you don't. I think other newbies need to know this infromation. I am sorry I have blown your cover, but honesty will help us newbies a lot bohm, I know you want to help.

    Apologies bohm, love Kate xx

  • tec

    Cofty, to reprimand me for 'promoting my own faith' you quoted me as saying:

    A thread about false things atheists believe that theists believe... I can't speak for all belivers of course, but for my own faith yes

    And Q also said:

    Brilliant Tec - you start a thread describing what atheists say about theists but only actually make it about you. Genius.

    It doesn't seem to me like either of you actually READ what I post.

    This is the whole quote (as opposed to the quote mine)

    I can't speak for all belivers of course, but for my own faith yes. Then others can add as to themselves.

    I don't bring it up to slap you down. I bring it up in the hopes that you might realize that much of what you THINK I say (and then go around proclaiming that I have said or believe) is based on you not seeing what is actually there, but seeing only what you think/want/expect to be there. Or if you do not care, at the very least, others might be able to keep it in mind when you are saying things about me and/or my faith.

    There is also a wee bit of hypocrisy going on by some people who in one breath posit that you must allow people to post as themselves... as well as rebuking others by telling them that they have not been appopinted as site monitors... while in another breath doing those very things themselves to some people of faith. (and yeah, I mean some people like me, but not just me)

    Anyway... I don't know how much I am feeling that thread I was going to start. Maybe I'll just start it off, and others can contribute, and that'll get the ball rolling.



  • cofty

    Just going by years of experience of your self-obsessed proseletyzing

  • Qcmbr

    Awesome Tec . Respond to a quote mine with another quote mine. Stunning.

    If you find people constantly misunderstand you (how many times do you point this out!) then don't keep blaming them but wonder whether your message is obfuscated. Discussing something you've preached on here (my lord just told me x) is an exercise in herding cats since you never pin yourself down to anything but the widest latitude answers.

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