I like you more if you are literratte

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  • Etude

    I have a multiple problem. It is misspelling as well as having omissions and sometimes extra words in my writing. I have a pretty good vocabulary and have learned the nuances of using a particular word that conveys a better meaning than some other synonym. But the real problem I have is the language pattern left over from my first language, Spanish. So often, I'll start a sentence, backspace to restructure it and leave an article or conjunction behind. That looks really strange when you see it. I have to re-read the sentence several times to figure out how it should be.

    English is an infuriating language to learn compared to Romance languages. It seems it has more exceptions than rules. However, its dominance in the world can't be denied. When writing here (since the browser spell checker doesn't work when composing), I have to write in Word and then copy and paste. That will correct most misspellings but won't fix a correct word that was left over or omitted because my brain happened to be in another mode or because I'm having a scotch (or two) while on the forum. So, I don't come down on people for having bad spelling, unless they misspell something while trying to be insulting. I figure that if they want the insult to be effective, they should at least spell it correctly.

  • Etude

    I'm suddenly remembering of a joke regarding a grammatical Nazi: A man walks up to another on the street and asks, “Can you tell where the library is at?” The other person says: “You should never end a sentence with a preposition.” “OK”, says the first man. “Can you tell me where the library is at, asshole?”

  • cofty

    LIke previously mentioned, baptized is an accepted spelling - ShirleyW

    That wasn't my point. I even underlined it for you...

    " many folks here cannot spelled baptize "?

  • ShirleyW


  • Comatose

    This thread was ten minutes of awesomeness to read. Personally I try not to be too hard, but it does affect my perception as well somewhat.

    When do I love the grammar police? When on twitter someone is attempting to be a smart ass or make a cut down and the celebrity then corrects them.

    Ricky Gervais is a master at it. It's so funny to me. He will retweet their stupid prejudiced remarks and just add - *you're.

  • caliber

    Your kidding me ?

  • Defianttruth

    Jgnant. yes the two dollar coin would be fun to watch people try to use.

    Besty. The point with the wheat was to show how much more significant the US is in the world markets. Yes, you only import about 15 percent of your wheat from America. I guess the better way of saying it is the whole EU produces about 5 percent of the worlds wheat production were as the US produces about 30 percent. Also, I apolgize for assuming California had more people than England, but one of our 50 states almost matches your whole countries GPD and California does it with about half the people. My whole point is in the past the British Empire was a world leader and could dictate cultural commands of language. Not anymore. As with any living language, there will be changes and differences associated with cultures and locations. No need in trying to say,"I'm right your wrong" just know that everyone has his or her own way.

  • Hortensia

    Well, this became funny pretty fast. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are important. But being unsure about them shouldn't keep anyone from expressing himself or make anyone feel insecure. It can be learned, and a little feedback won't kill anyone.

    I remember once a student told me he couldn't listen to my lesson because I misused lie and lay. I've never misused them since then and I appreciated the little correction.

  • LisaRose

    Entude, I think you write very well. The fact that English is not your primary language does come through a bit, but to me that just makes your posts more charming. It's obvious you spend time on your posts and really think it through and your thoughts are well expressed.

    Maybe it is because it has become a topic, but I have noticed a lot of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes in the last few days.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    "Entude, I think you write very well...

    Maybe it is because it has become a topic, but I have noticed a lot of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes in the last few days."

    Etude, Lisa Rose!!!

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