this site sucks! its just a buncha athiest on soap boxes.

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  • bohm

    Msd: sorry, wrong smiley: . <---- atheist terrible way of livin' emoticon

  • OnTheWayOut

    Page one post from cq6995: I came here looking for both point of views from ex-jw's cuz there are valid points in both camps. But as soon as "God" comes into the thread, His validity immidiatly the focal point of the topic. Or, the poster who brought him up is either ignored or berated.

    Page two post from cq6995: As far as the HONEST, OPEN MINDED discussion. Yes I am sincere about that. But I dont want it to break down into a name calling sandbox fight. Because I respect that this is your world view.

    That is hilarious that you came here for both points of view and want open minded discussion and do not want it to break down into name calling, yet you start out the thread with very closed minded name calling:

    Its an arena for jaded athieststo bash anything Christian or God related. Yes, I know the JW's lied to us about God and the truth. But there are logical answers to ur questions and "problems" with God and the bible.

    By being so closed minded and parading ur ignorance about the bibles historical accuracy and the existance of Jesus. You are just falling into another bigger lie that plays on ur ego and need to be "smarter than everyone else". If you want to be decieved and not be acountable to a creator... then fine. That is up to you, its ur life. But lay off of the people that believe in God and stop trying to "convert" everyone that brings up God. They are in a vulnerable place and have their own choices to make. So let them. Dont jump in in every post spouting ur athiest gospel. You are not helping anyone. And u sound like bitter ex-girlfriendswho had a bad break up with God.

    Rant done.

    So we are the ones trying to "convert" the believers and they are just vulnerable. Ha ha. You really have some people going here.
    I hope you had your laughs. You done well spiking the thread with landmines. It grew quickly and will grow past 7 or 8 pages. I made my single input to the thread and won't waste my time with such trolling. Good day to you.

  • abbasgreta

    Cofty: You abandoned Christianity but I hope you found what you were looking for. I merely express here my conviction. I am not looking for agreement or debate on it.

    Disasters, wars, persecution et al was predicted by Jesus to accompany the last days of this age.

    Every hour 11 Christians (on average) are put to death. They and we "pick up our cross" daily. "Good reason" would say capitulate and stay living. But faith in Christ over-rides "good reason".

    Even some of His own apostles met with a terrible martyrs death. Predicted,expected, carried out, and again "good reason" for it didn't come into the equation for them. Yet still they were convinced that God is love. They believed and kept the faith. He is "with us" in this trying age whilst we exercise the same faith expecting His return or our death (gentle or violent), whichever comes sooner. Meanwhile we follow His example and give aid where we can to the suffering. (Matt 25) He asked, "Will the Son of Man really find faith on the earth when He returns?" I have chosen to believe on Him. The new heavens and earth, the fullness of the Kingdom, will bring relief and justice. Pain and suffering will not even be a memory for those who suffer and have suffered.

    The emperor may have no clothes but our King of Kings is arrayed in glory.

    If even those disciples who once actually walked with the Lord and witnessed his works and signs abandoned him saying "Who can take these sayings of His?", then I guess some individuals will do the same today.


  • Pyramid God
    Pyramid God

    Except those signs of the last days point to every single century since Jesus walked the earth. People in the 1500's believed they were living in the "last days."

    Do you honestly believe that the 21st century is a worse place to live in than the 14th?

  • cantleave

    Disasters, wars, persecution et al was predicted by Jesus to accompany the last days of this age.

    What a failure of a prediction - these things have always occurred. But things have got better. We live longer better quality lives than in any time in history. Society is less violent more tolerant and we have developed technologies that predict and negate the effects of natural disasters.

    Abbasgreta - when in history would you have rather lived?

  • sir82

    Disasters, wars, persecution et al was predicted by Jesus to accompany the last days of this age.

    What a great prediction - these things have always occurred.

    My prediction for the last days:

    "Verily, I say unto thee, when thou seest water freezing as the temperature drops below 32 F, know that the last days are near..."

  • cofty

    abbasgreta - A muddle of metaphors, platitudes and failed predictions

    Thank you for perfectly illustrating the feeble attempts of theists to exuse their god.

  • Giordano

    Unfortunately human suffering still reguires an answer. It is the inconvenient truth that all believers would like to gloss over by reciting a scripture or two as proof of god's love but refuse's to debate the inconsistent fact that either god can do nothing about human suffering or refuses to do anything about it. Unless of course god doesn't care or doesn't exist .....then it really doesn't matter.

    This issue about god's love, especially the Christian god, flies in the face of the historical and current record of continuous human suffering.

    When a believer can provide a well thought out explanation perhaps then they might earn some respect.

    In the meantime reread the account of Job and how easily god speaks around that issue and shows total and complete disrespect for what Job had to experience.

  • DJS

    Theists violate all of the aspects of good debate. They don't discuss facts or the interpretation of facts. They talk about their feelings or beliefs, and those typically must center around the bible, which as has been continually noted (and just as continually ignored by theists) by non-theists as one of the primary rational reasoning points AGAINST a god. The bible is the most ridiculous premise to substantiate a god/gods anyone can come up with (ok there may be other more ridiculous ones I use hyperbole).

    They are rarely prepared for the debate, simply stating the same refrains over and over and ad nausem over, as if re-stating a failed premise is going to make it a valid premise. They start posts ranting about angry non-theists and other rhetoric, when the truth is the only real academic, factual debate/discussions are typically from the non-theists.

    That is exactly what has occurred with this OP; these OPs bore me. Theists bore me. Find a nice little safe niche either here or elsewhere in the world wide web to discuss your biblical scriptural blathering and get Simon to cordon it off from us angry non-theists. I PROMISE I will never enter. Simon, can you do that? It may solve a lot of circular arguments.

  • 144001

    <<<< I have these discussions and debates in real life not online. >>>>

    With all due respect, Crossquestions, you're full of armadillo excrement. Your effort to rewrite history is pathetic. I'll gladly support my comments with quotes from your posts:

    From your original post: " If you want to be decieved and not be acountable to a creator... then fine."

    Your statement quoted above strongly implies that if one does not believe in the nonsense that you believe in, they are "deceived." It would be nice if you could learn to spell "deceived" before using that word to disparage the beliefs of others.

    You followed that post up with a post that is indicative of delusional thought:

    "I also believe in respecting peoples beliefs and letting them find their own way." Denial is so unflattering, Crossquestions. You claim to "believe" in respecting other people's beliefs, but you don't practice what you purport to "believe in," as evidenced by your labeling of those who don't share your views as "deceived."

    "But I cant stand when people attack other people and belittle them for what they believe (christian, atheist, new ager, etc)."

    Of course, you can't stand it when others do this, but when you do it, it's ok, right? You label others who don't share your beliefs as "deceived," yet you lament it when others engage in the same conduct as you? Can you spell "H Y P O C R I T E?"

    " I came here looking for both point of views from ex-jw's cuz there are valid points in both camps."

    And now for the real truth, which you've demonstrated much difficulty with: You came here looking to convert folks to your own belief system, and when that failed, you want to attack the forum as being inhospitable to theists. The reality is, you failed to accompllish your objective of converting others to your faith, and now you are experiencing sour grapes.

    Goodbye, Crossquestions!

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