this site sucks! its just a buncha athiest on soap boxes.

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  • DJS

    Alright non-theists. Are you continuing to invade clearly theist, scriptural, JW crap discussions? If so, please refrain!!!! LOL> That way the theists won't have anything to bitch about. Well they will, but at least we an take that one away from them.

  • MsD

    I continue to be amazed by those who belonged to a ridiculous cult like JW's and now believe in NO Creator!

    They have gone one from one extreme to another! How insane is that?!?!

    Many believe they have the Truth but do they really? Not until we die will we ever know or not know anything.

    Dead or alive in some other place in this massive universe something may exist. Do we have proof ? absolutely not!

    Those who believe in no creator do what they do not because they have 100% proof But because they have this arrogance and knowledge of there being no creator. Well, if you were so convincing then maybe way more people in this world would believe no God. But that is not the case. Or is it?

    My sense is most athiests come here to feel better, to validate their knowlege of there being no Creator. But they alooked viewed as those who are anti um you know. Now go ahead with your ridiculous backlash atheiests. We all know why you are what you are. And honestly I feel sorry for you, pity.

    Thats is all.

  • jgnat

    gopher, I've concluded logically this way.

    If god exists, god is either not benevolent or not omnipotent.

  • cofty

    MsD - What a very strange rant that was.

    Those who believe in no creator do what they do not because they have 100% proof But because they have this arrogance and knowledge of there being no creator.

    Why is it arrogance to follow the evidence?

    Does there have to be 100% proof before you will make a decision? How on earth do you choose what socks to put on in the morning? You must be paralysed with indecision.

    We all know why you are what you are

    How could you? Don't you realise that giving up my faith in god with all it's wonderful certainty was harder than leaving the Watchtower and losing all my family and friends?

    How dare you presume to judge.

    The more believers post diatribes like this the easier it is to explain why theism is so unattractive.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I am furious with people who claim belief here. You cannot mount any defense to Cofty and others. They have a perfect right to call you on sloppy thinking. As I stated earlier, many Christian apologists could point out that life is complex. My belief is an emotional response. I do not believe in your fairy tales. Christians are not defined by what you claim as Christianity. We are not utter fools.

    This is Simon's forum. From the first day I posted here, I wanted community with everyone here. Clapping for your own beliefs is childish. Decent Christians have much to regret in the history of Christianity. Go play in your own sandbox. I want the atheists and most of you. Most of you don't even know the most basic Christian doctrine. Despite a wealth of materials here, including my own reading reviews, you are too lazy to be informed. Next, you don't like a grown up proving that you are full of crap so you demand segregation from Simon. You violate hospitality rules here. This place is vibrant and attracts viewers in large numbers b/c it is so open. You are unable to compete in a marketplace of ideas and demand emergency tariffs and strict regulation so your sensibilities will not be offended.

    Christians died over the centuries to have faith. Imposing your faith is odious. This appears to be a concerted drive to wreck this forum. Few would ever come here under your regimen. Grow up. Read C.S. Lewis. He has some baby books. Carry your weight. You claim to do research yet I see no research. Let me cite my favorite example, the First Amendment. Hitler did not like it. It is so American. The WT has a right to exist. This is how we have run this country since the Mayflower arrived. Government has no place regulating or banning religion. Stalin and Mao did that. While this forum is not a government, I feel in my very soul that the majority of members here do not want the WT banned. Fight on another field.

    I will defend atheists or agnostics agains you every day. You impose your particular brand of Christianity on all here. Well, you may be some of the most ignorant, unread Christians I have come across in a long time but you have a right to your beliefs. Must I, in disagreement, sing your praises and contribute money to what I consider utter debasement of Christianity? NO WAY. Believe in the courage of your convictions. Act like grown men and women. Believe what you believe. The flaw is demanding endorsement from others. This is the cardinal flaw of the WT. As a Christian, I will do all within my power to support anyone here have freedom to their beliefs. Jesus warned that his followers would be persecuted or his sake. He never promised you one billion dollars and people bowing down to you.

    Start your own crazy forum. I doubt that Simon or other members will kowtow to your inappropriate demands. Should not having right on your side be enough? Evidently, you don't think so. Forget about vanguishing atheists, Methodists, hippies, Band. Get some dignity. Find a first grade civics text. Community requires respect for each other. No one has been disrespectful to you.

  • crossquestions6995

    The reason I stuck around so long is so that im not just chucking a grenade and leaving. I had to own up to what I posted.

    But every time I come back to respond, the harder it is to be upset. Now I just feel bad to see how much the WT still has its tentacles in the people that have escaped. It has warped the idea of God so much that even after leaving it takes people away from God. And unfortunatly mainstream Christianity hasnt done much to help after you have been hurt.

    A vast majority of the reasons people are giving for their "anti-theism" seems so judgmental and personally not agreeing with how u think God should do things. As its been said, that is a very arrogant stance to take. Each one of us is only alive for 80+ yrs and may live in a couple countries or states in our whole lives. But we still think that we know whats what and our sense of mortality or love is what God should abide by.

    Reality is if im wrong then "oh well" and it shouldnt be any skin off your back.

    But if im right, then each and every one of us is going to have to answer for our lives. And if all it takes is believing in Jesus to not have to spend eternity in the absense of God . Im sorry id much rather take my chances that atheists could be wrong.

    To each his own. Thats what free will is for.

    Im out


  • cofty

    if all it takes is believing in Jesus to not have to spend eternity in the absense of God...

    And there you were pretending to be the wise apologist who wouldn't deign to debate with simplistic atheists, and it turns out you are nothing more than a weak-minded victim of Pascal's wager.


  • adamah

    Cofty said-

    a weak-minded victim of Pascal's wager.

    Not only Pascals, but a "God gave you free will" cherry sitting on top!

    CQ, you still carry around a few JW theological 'urban legends' in your head, as you've just indicated that you really don't understand what "free will" is (you said you think God 'gave' it to you, when it's actually an issue of 'permission'):


  • jgnat

    Obviously doesn't know how to handle a thinker like me.


  • MsD


    i see you only picked a few words out of "my rant"

    but truly who is the one ranting here for the last um eight or so pages?

    move on is all I can cay and live in peace with this life we all have

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