How men become homosexuals...

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  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Finally, I've found the reason why some men become homosexuals.

    The 1976 book "Your Youth: Getting The Best Of It" explains it here in great detail...

  • Finkelstein

    Another example of the low education level by some of the writers of the Watchtower Corporation.

    The insinuation that men become gay because of them watching it in movies or thinking about it

    is just plain stupid because they were gay and genetically prepositioned so from birth.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Yay! The reason I'm not gay is that I dont think about it.

  • Heartofaboy

    Born in the early 1950's I never saw anything 'GAY' until I got my first PC & had access to the internet.

    The first 'GAY' thing I'd heard about was when my parents started taking me to the JW meetings in 1960 & the 'men lying with men' verse in the bible was read & discussed............I still didn't really understand the implications.

    However I knew I was innately attracted to men long before I was exposed to anything gay, pretty much I guess the way hetero's are atracted to the opposite sex.

    The WBTS always seem to get it wrong..........always.

  • 88JM

    Oh and they say masturbation leads to homosexuality as well - more gold on page 39 of the same book:

    I must cleanse my mind of these throughts. Now let me go read wholesome bible passages about David and Jonathan and their "totally platonic relationship"...

  • Jeffro

    Most kissing mentioned in the Bible is between people of the same sex.

  • Lied2NoMore

    I had a good friend in our hall in my early teens that I used to hang around with a ton and my brain dead JW mother tried to lessen our association by saying we will become gay if we hang around too much. When my friends fiery black mother heard that she called my mom and verbally undressed her and I was loving it the whole time. Really made my mother who was abusive tuck her tail in for a while. She got mad at me for telling my friend what she said.

  • krejames

    Since I spent so much of my teens and adult life associating with heterosexuals and watching movies featuring heterosexual romances and, at least in my teens, joining in with the other brothers talking about the attractive sisters (had to cover my tracks). By all accounts I should be straight rather than the raging homo that I am.

  • designs

    Nathan Knorr and Fred Franz were wackos on many issues including human sexuality. You do have to remember that up until 1960 when Masters and Johnson published their work on Human Sexuality real science in the area was lacking. You had anatomy books and Freud and not much else. Masterbation was almost universally condemned or you were made to feel guilty about it.

  • cantleave

    I hate that book, it was repsonsible for my screwed up adolescence.

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