How men become homosexuals...

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    Thry have changed the stance on homosexuality lately. In a DC talk about 2-3 years ago the speaker pretty much said that they were born with such desires but with Jah's help you can resist giving in to the desires. I paraphrased it obviously but I didnt mistake the point. This may even be alluded to in a WT article as well but don't have the respurces now to check.

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    cantleave- Watching Nathan Knorr go into a full on RANT about the sin of masterbation (Anaheim Stadium) was as disturbing a event as I ever want to see.

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    Last year a WT article gave an experience of a young brother who says he felt different as long as he could remember, but with gods help he resists it. He gave in and was lovingly disciplined then got back on gods course.

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    Of course I pointed this article out to my mom at the time, trying to help her see it's not a choice. She did NOT see what was plainly obvious. Old timers are going to have to die before most people can move forward with modern and fair thinking on the subject.

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    Didn't the same author of the commentary of the letter of James wrote this book (Mr. Dunlap)??

    EDIT: Never mind, it was this instead: "Choosing the Best Way of Life"

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    It should be titled "Your Youth--Getting Gypped Out of It" instead. As with the littera-trash Young People Ask--Answers That Do Not Work, this is classic how to repress your youth. Instead of learning to support yourself, learn to repress your natural drives and pious-sneer instead. A solid percentage of homosexuals were born that way, hard wired for homosexual dominance. Others were victims of various chemicals found in pesticides and plastics, including poisons like monosodium glutamate, that tamper with the development of sexuality. These people should not be forced to change or shamed about it.

    Others are homosexual because they have been placed in situations where you get boy-boy (or girl-girl) all the time. Beth Hell is notorious for this, and every time you get 2 people of the same sex working together all the time, there is that chance that attraction can develop. The risk is higher if there are not proper heterosexual outlets, and the jokehovians are notorious for making it difficult for people of the opposite sex to meet. Throw in all the hang-ups that are common among all Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions against the opposite sex, and you have a recipe for unnatural homosexuality to happen. In these situations, the hang-ups need to be removed (even at the expense of throwing away all Abrahamic religion influence) and the barriers between the genders need to be removed. This will not eliminate natural homosexuality (and one should not even try removing that), but it will allow one's natural orientation to manifest.

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    That makes perfect sense...immediately after seeing "Broke Back Mountain" I wanted to head to a tent in the mountains and rut with my buddy amongst the sheep!! Sheesh...


    I heard the term "anal sex" for the first time from Brother Herd. He said it over and over in a talk. I had never really thought about it before then.. Well, you know how black people are...


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    So krejames, you're a 'Raging homo' eh?

    That made me chuckle.......

    I saw 'Behind the candlelabra' a couple of evenings ago on TV & I thought if anything would've put me off being gay it would have been Liberace coming on to me..........yeeuuuuuuuw.


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    " I heard the term "anal sex" for the first time from Brother Herd. He said it over and over in a talk. I had never really thought about it before then.. Well, you know how black people are..."

    Not that the bolded is the most shocking part of your statement, I just wonder how old you are if you have never heard the term anal sex before LOL

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