How men become homosexuals...

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  • Etude

    ShirleyW: I suspect it mattered sufficiently to Sedaka to put it out there in an interview. Anyway, I tend to believe him.

  • Heartofaboy

    I've joined a gay walking group & some of these guys are so masculine in appearance & mannerisms you'd never guess they were gay.

    It's lovely!

  • KiddingMe


  • cantleave

    Saw this on FB today, quite apt

  • krejames

    The two Stephen Fry documentaries were excellent (the two part documentary was called "out there")

  • 88JM

    Agreed - well worth watching on Youtube:

    I'm not sure I could stay quite as composed as he does when facing the people he does.

    Coincidentally, a comment was made by someone at the Watchtower study yesterday (the article being on the subject of "Transformation") and the comment wasn't just critical of homosexuals, but actually the witness was criticising teachers in schools who say that "there's nothing wrong with it". If only these JW's knew how much in common they have with the Russian government....

  • Balaamsass

    As a native San Franciscan, and former Bethelite...I believe Bethel has more Gays per capita than San Francisco. Some are NPGs (non-practicing gays), some have "beards" ( wives & celibate marriages), some are "chicken hawks" (prefer boys). WAY too much concern about sex with the Popes of Brooklyn. A tad Creepy.

  • redvip2000

    I believe Bethel has more Gays per capita than San Francisco

    Probably true. In fact, i have an uncle who was a bethelite during the 80's. Now, he was already married even before going to bethel. Suddenly in the late 80's they were asked to leave bethel under some questionable circumstances, which they never really told me about in detail.

    After they left bethel, they actually had two kids and live "normally" for years. About 5 years ago, he dropped a "bomb" on my aunt and told her he was gay and had always been. He left her and is now living with a man. From what she told me, she always suspected it, even from the Bethel days.

  • Vidiot

    titch - "Interesting that that same book never touched on the subject of why Lesbians become Lesbians."

    Maybe the writer of that chapter was a fan of girl-on-girl porn.

  • Vidiot

    Balaamsass - "I believe Bethel has more Gays per capita than San Francisco."


    At an institution with hundreds of young attractive males kept in close proximity for months on end?

    Say it ain't so.

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