How men become homosexuals...

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    Hi All,

    I'm not saying this is written in stone. That same article also points out that mutiple children (can't put it into words) but that is one aspect as well.What I'm saying is not that a parent makes a child gay, it's how the child has certain traits & how those traits are nutured. If you are a man with certain hormones, less body hair, maybe some effeminate traits, etc. How does a father nurture's the son...How does he react to the fact his son, doesn't like to play ball or other males things, does he shun them or's about how a parent recognizes the trait & what they do about it...does the father push the son away because he is not a jock, does his ego get in the way. Same for a female child what type of traits is she she a girlie girl or likes her brothers truck ? How does the mother react & nurture if the female child is not what she expected...does she push the child to the father or the brothers if they have any. Some females have maybe more male hormones than the parents recognize this ? I am a female, to be blunt I'm hairy, could be that I have more male hormones. Again, not saying it's all the parents fault, how we are born is a crap we are nurtured & socialized is another.

    I have gay friends & I have asked them how, what & where, they say, it's just something that they feel that they are parents recognize that difference or just think, Ah, they'll grow out of it. As parents, we need to pay close attention to our children & be more than just providers for them, but to get to know them & find out what makes them tick..many times things can be prevented. We socialize our children differently. We raise our girls to be the nurturers, boys, just to be boys...when parents may leave the sister in charge if they go out or away, they tell the sister, make sure your brother(s) what about her...again, it's how we socialize our kids. I'm not saying it's not in the DNA or hormonal...Could it be an imperfection or an inbalance, who knows. I think there are many variables that make up a person. Same could be said for a person who is a thief, were they born that way, when they were a baby did they steal bottles from the other babies, NO...a baby born with an inbalance, do they go play with the other babies that are only their sex...NO..again, it's nuturing & socialization. It's all too difficult, I was just pointing out a theory...again, not written stone, but to make one think, cuz sometimes...IT IS US...


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    Good thread. Marked.

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    fulltimestudent - "Nathan Knorr in high school..."


    I thought that was Zac Efron in old-timey period costume at first.

    Nate was purty.

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    just reading this post is making me feel a little gay. I guess the society was right all along.

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    Vidiot: Nate was purty.

    Umm! Sorry - he doesn't excite any special feelings in me

    Roman Emperor Hadrian (known as one of the better Emperors) had a much better taste in men, if his boyfriend Antinous is a standard.

    File:Antinous Ecouen Louvre Ma1082 n3.jpg

    Bust of Antinoüs (117–138 CE) known as the Antinoüs of Ecouen. Marble,

    18th century copy from an original coming from the villa Adriana , now

    in the Prado Museum.

    I find it socially interesting that the cult started by Hadrian (after the young man's death- in unclear circumstances) could become one of the most popular cults in the Roman empire. But it could not survive the cult of death (Christianity).

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    WT teaching that masturbation or talking to gays will make men become homosexual is complete nonsense. The real reason that men become homosexuals?

    God made bananas as perfect tutorials on how to masturbate, perform oral, and any number of other, ahem, activities with banana-shaped bodily appendages.

    These will make men gay too...

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I knew nothing. There were some obviously gay high school students. The comment about Masters and Johnson plus Freud's nonsene is appropriate. Alltho I did not know sexual details, I felt sorry for the gays. They were decent people. My college years coincided with the gay rights movement. I would observe their parties from a hiding place. Their mixers were so joyous compared to the heterosexual ones. Many times I. wanted to ask if I could join the parties as a straight friend

    They might have said it was all right. It is sad for me.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane


    Dude, seriously? I know you said it's just a "theory", but that's way too much incoherent BS crammed into 2 paragaphs...

    Gay people are born that way... period... Why make a big fuss about it? Also, you say you have gay friends, but you appear to be overthinking this subject in a homophobic kind of way... just saying...

  • fulltimestudent

    BOTR: I would observe their parties from a hiding place. Their mixers were so joyous compared to the heterosexual ones. Many times I. wanted to ask if I could join the parties as a straight friend

    They might have said it was all right. It is sad for me.

    I have a GAY XJW friend - he's been involved in the Gay political movment since being kicked out of the witnesses. He says that Str8 friends are always welcome, (in Sydney, anyway), and that most gay groups are inclusive, not exclusive -as the JWs are.

    I re-met him when I did some community work involving immigration groups. He was involved in winning immigration rights for the overseas partners of gay people. Back then, foreign partners had to gain a special visa. But these guys (and women) were so well organised in helping their own people that the immigration department has now placed them in the same visa group that str8 people (marriage) have.

    and, You're right - gay people can be fun (as a separate thought to 'having' fun)

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    Billy - the banana video is awesome! Thanks for that. Sharing is caring.

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