Emergency relief fund for the Philippines. How will it work.

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  • braincleaned

    I'm sure the Borg will find a way to help, especially if they stop paying pedophile victims under the table... they gotta save money somewhere.

  • joe134cd

    Ok It will be interesting to see the kind of help offered and to the extent. So all you ex- JWs in the Philippines please keep us posted.

  • dozy

    just got the following JW email: A letter just received from a local brother who has friends out in the Philippines. 11th November 2013 Thanks for your concern. My family lives not in the affected area. But we are also worried about the brothers from the affected areas hit by the typhoon. Just last night, I got a message from one of my friends that the Philippine branch accounted 26 persons died and 10 still missing. No further details yet -------------------------------------------

    12th November. Latest reports. Dear friends, This is just a short update, as we know that you are all waiting to hear from us. Bert and 3 other brothers are this week at the Island of Bohol. That is where the 7.2 earthquake was 2 weeks ago. They have had meetings with all the brothers and met with the families of the 3 brothers who have died in the quake. There are 8 Kingdom hall destroyed and another 7 will need repairs. Also there are about 200 homes that need to be repaired or even rebuild. The homes there are made mostly out of a hollow block layer with coconut lumber on top, so that cannot withstand a quake of this size. They could not rent a place to set up shop, so now we are using the parking area of the Kingdom hall. We can use the brothers of the Kingdom Hall Construction teams to help out. From the last storm 'Pablo" we have a nice system to rebuild homes fast. Some of our local brothers are able to do the work themselves and they will be helped with construction materials. That was till last Friday... Then the super typhoon hit. For the island of Bohol it did bring a lot of rain and it did storm, but not as strong as they expected. It added a few homes to the list of repairs but not too much. Now the rest of the country, that is another story.

    You might have seen on TV that it looks like a true war zone. Communication is very difficult as power lines and cell sites are down. The circuit overseers are visiting the brothers and local elders are caring for their sheep. Tomorrow a brother from the Branch Committee will go and visit the Taclooban area to see what needs to be done. This storm came at our District Convention time. Quite a few of the Bethel speakers are stranded at airports. Others arrived to find the assemblies cancelled and the venues turned into evacuation centers by the government. Metro Manila with it almost 19 million people, escaped the storm completely. They have been cleaning out gutters and drainage-ways for days. Some of the low areas had emergency rubber boats for evacuations given to them, as we expected heavy floods there too. We did get a part of the storm, but rain was not enough for flooding. I wish I could tell you more, but we have no more information at this moment. The Philippines always get a lot of typhoons during the rainy season, but the people never seem to loose their smile. Jehovah will help our brothers as he always has. This is it for now. -------------------

    Here is a second letter, sent by a brother who spent many years there in the travelling work. Yes, the Philippines have many disasters or calamities one after the other. In Oct 2013 was the earthquake in Bohol. Sad to say 3 of our friends lost their lives, about 14 Kingdom Halls were damaged and many also of our brothers have lost homes or some either partly or fully damaged. The earthquake has a magnitude of 7.2 and creating so many sinkholes which are very dangerous. About 200 brothers were without food for several days. Then this was followed by another typhoon or hurricane hitting Central Luzon especially the province of Nueva Ecija. Typhoon Santi destroyed many crops of our brothers and many trees were either down or all their leaves were blown off by the strong wind. We here in our assignment also felt the effect of the strong wind and we feared that are roof will be blown off because this happened at night but fortunately our rooftop remained intact.

    So the branch wrote us a letter encouraging us to make voluntary donations financially, not in kind. But of course our world headquarters in New York already sent help ahead of time and our donations locally will just augment the help from the headquarters. The branch office here organized a Disaster Relief Committee and opened up bank accounts where we can send our financial help. An as if the disaster last month was not enough, then came the super typhoon badly hitting Central Visayas that brought untold deaths and destruction especially in the Samar and Leyte provinces facing the Pacific Ocean. The people were warned and they were ready for the strong wind but were unprepared for the storm surge creating waves 10 to 15 feet high, This is first time that people here in the Philippines experienced that problem and those living by the seashore suffered the worst tragedy. Not wanting to lose their meager property cost them their lives. Sad to say that 26 brothers and sisters died in Leyte not to speak about their houses destroyed. Some escaped to higher grounds 3 days before the super typhoon had first land touchdown in Eastern Samar and Tacloban City in Leyte.

    Now the branch organized 5 truckloads of relief goods to the distributed in Samar and Leyte but we do not how long it will take to reach the affected areas. Some of the roads have yet to be cleared due to debris like fallen trees blocking the highways. But also crossing the channel by barges from Sorsogon province to connect them to the Samar provinces and on to Leyte province may create delays. But rest assured that the branch office here will do everything they can do to assist the brothers in the affected areas. This will include other provinces along the pathway of typhoon Yolanda which has an international name Haiyan. Another typhoon is now raging in the part of Eastern Mindanao named Zorayda but will pass and affect other provinces before its exit into West Philippine Sea (shown on some maps as China Sea). . We hope that this will at least update you and the friends. (End of letter from Philippines) ------------------------------------

  • Quarterback

    i just received a similar email as, dozy.

  • konceptual99

    Some updates...


    Apprently at least 26 Witnesses died when the KH they were sheltering in was destroyed by the storm surge.

  • emeth

    Super Typhoon Haiyan Pummels Central Philippines

    MANILA, Philippines—Super Typhoon Haiyan (called Yolanda in the Philippines), one of the strongest storms ever to make landfall, ripped through the Philippines on November 8, 2013.

    As of November 13, 2013, the Philippines branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Manila reported that 27 Witnesses have been confirmed dead. Well over 100 homes of the Witnesses and five places of worship were destroyed.

    The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is coordinating the international disaster response from their world headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. As part of these arrangements, the Philippines branch office has been making efforts to deliver food, water, medicine, and other supplies into the affected areas. By Sunday, November 10, about ten vans filled with relief supplies had been delivered, with additional trucks being dispatched the following day.

    The region has had little time to recover from the magnitude-7.2 earthquake that shook the Philippines on October 15, 2013, killing 218 people. Reports indicate that the massive quake claimed the lives of three of Jehovah’s Witnesses, one in a landslide and two more when their homes collapsed. The earthquake came on the heels of Typhoon Nari, which struck the Philippines on October 12, 2013, killing at least 13 people.

    The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses cares for expenses related to their relief efforts by utilizing funds donated to their worldwide work. The Governing Body also assesses the need for skilled volunteers, and works with their global network of branch offices to provide qualified personnel to assist with disaster relief work in cooperation with local authorities and other relief agencies.

    Dean Jacek, a spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Philippines, stated: “We are all deeply grieved over the extensive loss of life caused by these recent catastrophes. There is a great need for comfort in view of the destruction as well as the trauma to the victims. We will continue to do our best to provide ongoing relief and spiritual assistance to our friends and neighbors.”


  • jwfacts

    Jehovah will help our brothers as he always has.

    Well, except for the 27 he overlooked that died.

  • ohnightdivine

    Not sure about the relief goods having been distributed November 10th--- because all roads were still not passable at the time, according to many sources.

  • blondie

    As to the jws who died

    *** w69 3/15 p. 191 Questions From Readers ***

    As a punishment for this sin Jehovah brought three days of pestilence that killed 70,000 Israelites. (2 Sam. 24:12-16) Was that unjust? Were 70,000 innocent people dying for the king’s error? The Bible plainly shows that we all are sinners deserving of death; it is only by God’s undeserved kindness that we live. (Rom. 3:23; 6:23; Lam. 3:22, 23) So those who died had no special “right” to life. Additionally, can any human today say for sure that those 70,000 were not guilty of some serious sin not mentioned in the historical record?


    If Satan is controlling the world, then it's a crap-shoot. We might have an ok life, but there isn't any assurance that we won't die at any moment. There is no scripture that says we will live a charmed life. So is God intervening at certain times, but not at others?? Why not save those JWs in the KH in the Phillipines? If God can save chickens and corn in Africa so someone can go to a DC, why not save those people in the Phillipines?! Can you imagine the witness that would have given?! Imagine the news cameras filming the destruction and then.... a KH still stands!! The JWs come out, carrying arm loads of Bible Teach books!!


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