NEWBIES are leaving like crazy! Be very afraid WT

by clarity 231 Replies latest jw friends

  • bigmac

    hey Clarity--it looks like we joined about the same time---but youve been far more prolific than me.

    ive put up the link to the UK members for the benefit of any new UK members here

  • Jaidubdub

    Thanks for starting this post Clarity. Words cannot express how thankful I am for this site - it gave me back my sanity. I dont post much but look at it everyday. As a born in with most of family a jw, It really is comforting knowing there are many here who understand what it's like. I attended the last day if the DC a while back & saw a good friend I hadn't seen for couple years (when I became inactive). She sai I looked the happiest she had ever seen me - I have the wonderful ppl on here to thank for that. So... BIG thank you everybody!!!

  • WishingLiz

    Thanks Clarity.

    To be honest, I left TT years ago. I recently joined JWN when I had a life change, and decided to move close to my family. It was great at first. They always said they wouldn't shun me, but in reality, they don't want much contact with me. I think the recent apostate talks are influencing them.

    So here I am, after years of living away, living again in my hometown, close to my family. I may move away again, who knows.

    Thanks again for the welcome! JWN is a great place.

  • friendaroonie

    Wow. Its like I can relax and breathe finally. I dont have to be so angry and frustrated because we have momentum now. We have enertia. We have lift off!

  • 70wksfyrs

    I am a newbie this year too. I didn't notice if my name was on the list or not.

    Clarity's List

    It has quite a nice ring to it. Remind's me of Schindlers list. We are eacaping the WTBTS concentration camp this year and we made it on to Clarity's List

  • 70wksfyrs


    Thanks for the link. We are from the uk too

  • clarity

    Good morning everyone!

    Omg ...I can just feel the LOVE on here.

    Wakingup60 just joined this year also, in the last couple of mths ...good for you .

    Dissonance_... a good place to be ...we are learning!

    JW too, nice to see you on here.

    NightVision... hey sorry I missed you ... great to see you!

    Wanna ...all the way from 2002 love it when you "oldies" show up

    BigMac...that's quite a link, can't wait to read it all, thank you!

    jaidub...lovely words jai, the site has helped us all, thank you!

    WishingLiz...I understand, hang on, thanx for being here for us!

    Wow ... just look at all the people ... just reach out you hand

    and touch

  • clarity

    70wksfyrs ...oh geez almost missed you.......

    just running out for a few hours shortly!

    I don't think you are on Schindlers List the list either, thanks for letting us know,

    you are NOW tho hahhaha! Thanks for the 'nice ring to it' comment!


  • Perversion of a truth
    Perversion of a truth

    I am another (like many newbies stated already) that comes on here everyday but posts only from time to time. I love this site and I love reading the posts and sharing them with my wife. Greetings everybody!! Much love!

  • bigmac

    70 weeks--and clarity---are you able to hint as to your location.?-- i'm on the isle of wight. oh shit--thats given the game away. lol

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