NEWBIES are leaving like crazy! Be very afraid WT

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  • whathappened

    I always take the time to read new posters introduction threads. It is wonderful to have the new ones here.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    I love all you alls!

  • clarity


    Pal...Wow it is a small world!




    CoCo...good question!

    Eden One...hey another newbie

    Rebbeca...and another one



    flipper ... you are a great support to us all flipper!

    Kidding...thanx...Confusedandalone you are on too!


    Iown... too!

    Love your comments ... keep them coming!

    Put your names down, all the newbies I missed


  • warehouse

    Hey everyone,

    I joined earlier this year, mainly because I've been coming here for years to download all the information that the JW organization likes to hide and compartmentalize. I was raised as a JW and have been baptized for a little over 18 years. I was once disfellowshiped, but then reinstated, and thus, due to the trauma this caused me, as well as separate events in my immediate family caused buy the written/oral JW codes and traditions, I decided to do some independent research; of which this site has been an excellent springboard.

    I don't see myself leaving the organization again, or in the near future. Unfortunately, my mind has been emotionally brainwashed/scarred to accept the way of life that comes from being a part of the JWs. But over the years, my logic and thinking ability has become so radically independent from my emotions (INTJ personality) that I thirst for equally independent and factual information in all shapes and forms to satiate my development of an unbiased framework and reservoir for debates, discussions and personal thought. And through this historical, psychological, and scientific research, I have also come to distrust and over analyze the common doctrine, theology, philosophy, timelines, and even the prose of the WBTS.

    More recently, because of my incessant fact-checking, my mind wanders at meetings and I constantly find myself thinking, "Is that really true? Hmm, what Greek words are actually being used there? How would I support or deconstruct this idea using solely the Bible? What other scriptures are referenced?" This has led to an INSANE improvement in the quality of my comments, talks, and ministry. When I study JW publications, I am compelled to verify, prove, cross-examine, quantify, associate, research, disprove, and THINK about what is being said. Sometimes this leads me to a conclusion that matches the JWs, sometimes it does not. When I give a comment/talk, I am forced to state absolute truth, and filter out hypothetical supposition and reasoning, without alarming anyone or stating anything in direct conflict with JW doctrine. It has been, indeed, an exercise in self-control, patience and mental fortitude.

    Some on this site would probably suggest that I leave the organization, especially after knowing I've read and been personal witness to the atrocities and failings of the JWs. To me, this is the same ethnographic result as being an indoctrinated JW and saying that you have the only truth to be found. I am still grateful to those same people, who have debated fiercely, and exposed so many discrepancies. For me, this site has been a catalyst to a sort of spiritual catharsis, as well as an extrusion into a crystalline structure of faith beyond anything I ever had previously hoped for.

  • clarity

    Warehouse could be WT's worst enemy,

    ... if you really wanted to!


    Why don't you keep on hanging around here... put your feet up,

    & just relax and see what happens. Your synapses need a rest,

    I say this as a mother .


    Because this is your first post...I'll put you on our Newbie list,

    just scout around here & you'll find it.

    sincerely clarity

  • cofty

    Hi Warehouse, welcome.

    You are going to have to stop thinking if you really want to stay inside.

  • DJS


    Stay or leave the JWs; that is your decision and only yours. Howeve, you are wasting valuable brain space analyzing what can only be described as a mind controlling, nasty, abusive unloving cult. You will come to this conclusion sooner or later. I would suggest that you use your above average brain and analytical ability on better pursuits. Good luck

  • Jeannette

    Thank you!

  • Jeannette

    Thank you!

  • KiddingMe

    Welcome Warehouse! You may be the "oldest 1st time poster" of the year so far.

    A Big WELCOME to all the other NEWBIES that have 0 post but lurk, I know how much it took just to join!

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