NEWBIES are leaving like crazy! Be very afraid WT

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  • ProfCNJ

    Hi Clarity and the rest of JWN pals. Thanks for acknowledging our presence. At first I was really hesitant to lurk at so-called apostate site. My conscience was as if carrying a heavy burden. But as days went by, it began to be like a whole new food both for the mind and spirit. :) While just more than 3 month old member in the site, I have learned so much. In fact, I have copied and saved very good comments on critical subjects: 144K, WT 7/15/2013 New Lights, Governing Body, Prov. 4:18, to cite a few.

  • clarity

    ProfCNJ ... hi, it is scary to make that first move to discovery!

    One of my first internet escapades was late on a very dark nite.

    Not knowing, I clicked on the worst scary site.....wierd music made

    me almost jump right out of my skin OMG ..... it was 6 screens of the Watchtower,

    Rick did change up his site...but I'll never forget it......thought the demons would

    get me LOL.

    Didn't take long to pull out the first card and then the whole thing

    collapsed! I cried ...a lot!

    Prof ...just keep digging, it is a very deep hole.

    You will be just floored at the deception.

    Congratulations on your journey the end you will find

    your authentic self.......& fall in love.


  • Bugbear

    It looks like we have a sort of free JW international Congs. Our KH:s are within our computer, and that we are free in the sense that we dare, openly disc. all the problems that everyone who is still in have. Very likely those who are still in will find this site because they are aware of their problems, and when they find a “channel” , who really talk to their hart, they will liberate themselves and “come out” in the free world vary rapidly. It´s like the fall of a totalitarian society, like the fall of communism’s. This is my hope anyway.

    Welcome all newbies you make my hart jump with joy


  • Dis-Member

    Tis indeed a lovely and warm feeling when you see so many waking up and all at the same time. Not crazy demonic apostates as we were led to believe.. but just normal thinking, concious individuals looking for sense and meaing. A steady wave of individuals all coming to their senses despite the great difficulties involved and experienced. Here we can talk about anything, share anything, ask anything without fear of being judged, condemned, harassed, ostracised,

    .. or Dis-Membered!!

    Thank you all..

  • MissConfused

    I have the exact same feeling... Initially scared to death that some one will get to know that i am apostate in the making.. But after such a warm welcome from this forum helping me through my exit by suggesting the books that showed me the TTATT, i feel free for the first time ever!! Thanks every one!!! I have managed to convince my hubby too now.. :D

    Miss Confused.

  • ohnightdivine

    The only concern I do have with this website is that it is so "addicting" ---I find myself spending a lot of time reading everyone's posts than I would have wanted.

    "Are we truly showing that we are buying out opportune time, and putting the kingdom's interest first in our lives?"

  • MissConfused

    Ohnightdivine - LOL...

  • ohnightdivine

    I'm happy to know about your story, MissConfused! I have no one else to convince since I am alone "in the truth", although I truly wish that my Bible study conductor wakes up, too. But that seems impossible because she is a hardcore JW and she has more to lose. Again, who knows...

    Anyway, I'm feeling better now thanks to the warm welcome and support from everyone.


  • KWJoe

    me too

    df'd a long time ago.....just joined this nice group about a month ago

  • warehouse
    Here we can talk about anything, share anything, ask anything without fear of being judged, condemned, harassed, ostracised,

    .. or Dis-Membered!!

    Very well put!

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