NEWBIES are leaving like crazy! Be very afraid WT

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  • satinka

    Welcome aboard Newbies!!! Clarity, thanks for starting this thread. I recall you have started other newbie threads in the past and it is really exciting to see how many newbies are attracted to your welcoming threads. I'm sure they feel your love and enthusiasm! I know I sure do! :) Love and hugs to all, satinka

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    I joined this year too! One of the best things I ever did.

  • ILoveTTATT

    I joined this year too!! I have already met people face-to-face here, and I loved it!! I love not feeling alone!!

    Thanks everyone!!

    @Tech49: Can I get an AMEN!??! Wow, I look at FB pages and everything you say is true. Usually, people that think cannot stay in the WT for too long... Many of those that stay have a woeful level of ignorance and... yeah just bat-$hit crazy

  • problemaddict

    I joined a year ago....still haven't told my story.....and talk too much. Nice to be here though. :)

  • Poindexter Lionel Humperdique
    Poindexter Lionel Humperdique


    Great thread! Glad to be here.

    @ Everybody,

    Thanks for the warm welcoming and support!

  • Ding

    Welcome! I'm wondering what is the catalyst for all of this. Is it all this new light on the faithful and discreet slave? The upcoming 100th anniversary of 1914? Personal reasons having nothing to do with prophecy or doctrine?

  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    Great post Clarity, it is exciting to see all of the new ones on the site. There are so many new ones that I am having a hard time keeping up with all of the new ones and their stories so forgive me if I forget. :) Welcome to all of you!

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Welcome all newbies! I just got back last night from visiting my JW mom and sister. They know I left the org. Never once did they ask why. In fact they didnt inquire once about why I left. I did however over hear my mom asking my Ministerial Servant brother-in-law about something from the July 15th watchtower. She said many in the hall think it means one thing. I think it had to do when the great tribulation starts? My BIL said no it means this. If a lot of people are confused or misunderstanding the "new light" then I'm sure we are about to see a great influx of "newbies." I bit my tongue, but wanted to say "Don't worry mom, it will change again in a few more years."

  • zound

    I'm on that list. I know four others who don't post on here but left WT recently.

  • clarity

    Cofty...critical thinking can't be shut up! intelligent mind is a sad thing to waste.

    Jeannette ...wonderful to see you!

    Kidding...once you jump in, life gets easier.

    Satinka... hi thanks, I love doing it. write good stuff!

    I loveTTATT...when you feel alone ..someone is always awake.

    Problematic...good to have you here,...we will wait for your story.

    Poindexter...thank you, glad you joined us.

    Ding...time will tell.

    Aunt Fancy... those people are quick!

    Dazed... so sorry, it hurts to be devalued by your own mother!

    Zound...yes you are on the list, I hope those 4 who woke up..find us!


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