NEWBIES are leaving like crazy! Be very afraid WT

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  • brandnew
    My name speaks for itself....thanks...
  • Splash
    I can see a fight brewing here between Outlaw and brandnew :-D
  • campaign of hate
    campaign of hate

    I'm pretty new


  • KateWild

    Sorry to burst everyone's bubble. It's great to see new users, but they are not necessarily newly awakened or newly exited from WT.

    Some newbie posters are long time ex-JWs.

    Nevertheless it's good to see new users or lurkers.

    Kate xx

  • Xanthippe
    I've just clicked on 'users' and 17 people have joined in the last 2 days. Welcome to all of you. Look forward to hearing your views,
  • smiddy

    Now THAT is good news .I too welcome ALL newbies ,whether long time lurkers or not , you will learn more about the religion of Jehovah Witnesses here , than what you thought you knew while an active member.

    Your eyes will be wide open , the rose coloured glasses will fade ,and the scales will fall from your eyes ,and the religion will be exposed for what it really is.



  • clarity

    Xan ........hello lovely to see my old thread. I still feel thrilled when new ones reach that brave point, to finally shift gears away from wt! 17 newbies in the last 2 days!!!!! Wow that is great. Welcome to all of you! Thanks for posting this news Xan. I am not on here as much these days but am still intensely interested in cult members running out of those KH's to FREEDOM!


  • smiddy

    I am aware that quite a few more newbies have joined this site recently ,some with trepidation about posting on the board , and that is a natural feeling many of us have had the same feelings when we first joined ,I know I did.

    Welcome to you all .


  • freddo
    And for every newbie I guess there will be several new lurkers ... how many I do not know.
  • Generation Me
    Generation Me

    Joined here in 2014. WAS a Bible study. So glad I didnt get baptized into this corrupt and immoral orginization!

    Fuck those 7 pieces of shit in NY (I dont usually swear) just feeling extra grudgy today >:(

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