NEWBIES are leaving like crazy! Be very afraid WT

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  • Markw1509

    What I love about this on-line community is the fact we don't need to try to convert through guilt. No-one here has a hidden agenda. We aren't trying to gain followers or prove anything.

    It's simply a way to converse with like-minded free-thinkers who have freed themselves from the shackles and chains of the GB.

    What you focus on is your reality. The WT simply focuses on the small percentage of bad in the world and ignores the great amount of good that's going on.

    So, folks, keep up camaraderie here and love to you all!

  • jemba

    Welcome and lots of love and positive thoughts to you all. I love how we have one big similarity in our lives and we are now mentally free. What a wonderful feeling that is. Thankyou for joining us and thankyou Clarity for starting this post. Yes be very AFRAID WT the sheep are on to you.

  • clarity


    Nineteenth of October 2013

    We have 3 more lovely persons joining us. Every name that

    goes down on here, is like another beacon of inspiration,

    another candle to shine some light.


    Interestingly a candle circled by barbed wire is a Human Rights emblem!

    ( Amnesty)


    Just to say ... this time, with this list, I haven't counted the #'s of

    newbies, if someone wants to make that count & post it here plse do!


    A BIG WELCOME now to ..................

    Truth seeker674

    Pyramid God






    A wave hello to






    Have a great Saturday!



  • truthseeker674

    Thanks for the welcome I am a relative newbie here I've been here a while.

  • Junebuggie

    Yeah I am pretty new also,,, 6 days ago i think.. I am from Missouri...any one else from MO ?

  • franticfran

    Add me!!!! I am so much better and have made a fabulous lovely American friend (hi darling Brenda) this forum was the bets thing that happened to me

  • daringhart13

    Welcome to all those that have walked away from the lie.

    There are amazing people here....I hope you learn as much as I did.

    Welcome to....... LIFE!

  • clarity

    Wow look ...we have more new ones.......


    Truthseeker...looks like you have been here a mth to the day,

    so it is your 1 mth anniversary party.

    Junebuggie ...great to hear from you too think u r on page7

    welcome, we love people from Missouri

    franticfran ... thought I had you down here, so glad you showed up,

    'cause I didn't !... omg so sorry, well you are NOW!

    I hope everything goes just great for you fran!




    To all those behind the scenes ... those just reading & thinking,

    we hope you are feeling a sense of freedom, that life needn't be one

    long run on a treadmill. If you feel like it ... why not hop off &

    join us. Ask the questions, that you have aways wanted answered.


    What ever point you are at.......... you are welcome here!



  • clarity


    Daringhart13 ....... oh how nice of you to encourage us all,

    thanks a million! Hey we started the same year!


  • LisaRose

    Welcome June bug, Truth Seeker, glad you are here

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