Attacking Newbie JW's

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  • og

    Francois does make a good point, but, so does Farkel.

  • Solace

    Your comment,
    "Thanx Francois...finally someone who THOUGHT about it and posted something intelligent....I truly appreciate yer input..."

    may lead some to believe that you are calling others who posted, "unintelligent" or that you think they didnt think before they posted.
    Is that the case?

  • Xenu

    I must agree with you. If anyone cares to do a search on my posts they can see how many times I have been attacked. It is certainly surprising to see such behavior from people who have been enlightened. Instead of discussion, one is quickly dismissed as a troll, if not cursed for no substantial reason. Is this board turning into nothing more than a name calling contest?

  • Yerusalyim


    Can we get some Cheese with that WHINE??????

    Actually dear heart You make a Valid point. We need be more open to sincere dubs without allowing ourselves to be stepped on by snerts, trolls and dweebs.

    "Vanity! It's my favorite sin!"
    [Al Pacino as Satan, in "DEVIL'S ADVOCATE"]

  • mustang

    Francois: “if you FEEL you've been attacked, then your perception can't honestly be challenged. That's a JW technique.” Yep, shields up!!!!

    Farkel: basically, I’ll attack you but you can’t attack in return...
    Been there, done that.

    Being a JW is an ADVERSARIAL process.
    Leaving JW’s is an ADVERSARIAL process.
    Interacting or dealing with any of your JW past is an ADVERSARIAL process.

    You can’t change this. (JWism should be spelled W-A-R.)

    You lose, deal with it.


  • jst2laws


    Tell me, when has the WTS or your average JW ever said ANYTHING good about any other religion or lack thereof?

    Most dubs love to dish it out, but squeal like stuck pigs when the same thing happens to them. I'm not referring to you specifically, Violet.

    We are here for many different reasons but most to receive support or to give support. You are absolutely right about those who 'dish it out but squeal like suck pigs' when attacked. But I know you are here to support, and being absolutely right does not always translate to support.

    Violet expressed honest feelings. Fortunately she stuck out what seemed offensive to her. Being fresh out, I know how Violet feels and agree, there are many who will hit the "X" in the upper right corner as soon as they feel attacked, with the conviction the Watchtower is right about those sick apostates.

    The irony of your comments above, is that you never attacked me when I came on here defending the WT. You make a good point above but I know you understand and agree with Violet.

    BTW, thanks again for your help. Your kind approach (especially since I feared you most) is probably why I am still here.


  • LB

    Yeah call us stupid and then whine about getting attacked.

    when's the glorious baptism? I'd say your ready

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • AjaxMan
    Yer too comfortable in your set way of thinking and are too scared to face facts...

    The same applies to JWs. I know because I dealt with some and I was never a JW.

    Violet, a lot of JWs (especially the hardcore) come here starting with a flame. If you ask nicely instead of flaming, you can get a nice response.

    Also, I quote just like I quote you as to respond to what a JW said.

  • Marilyn

    VioletAnai, hi again. I am surprised to hear you take that tone. I know you thought I attacked you a while back. We went on to have a reasonable discussion about why I said what I said and as I recall you were quite sympathetic.

    There will be no new stratagies for helping you or anyone else see that becoming a JW is a mistake. We can only tell you what our experiences have been. But some people prefer to find out for themselves. If this is your choice, then so be it. But don't expect us to congratulate you.

    I'm sorry but you remind me of a petulant child. You want that lollie pop and even though we've told you that it will spoil your supper you are determined to have it. Well eat the bloody thing - get on with it.

    You really haven't put a lot of thought into this have you? Have you read any of the books that will help you see whether you are being manipulated? "Combating Mind Control" for example? No of course you haven't. You would prefer to rush right it without getting educated about what you are doing. Why are you so keen to trust them? Is it because you WANT to trust them? Your desire to trust won't make them trustworthy. Would you buy a car without getting a mechanics report on it first? We bought a car for $12,000 (in Melbourne) a few months ago without getting a mechancis report - coz we thought we knew best. Guess what? Nissum told us the car is an insurance write off that some bastard has fixed up on the cheap to make money on. We've done about $6,000 on it. See what happens when you think you know best? Still I prefer to lose $6,000 than sacrifice years of my life to a religion that isn't what it appears.

    I dunno girl. Do what you want. It's your life.


  • neyank

    Hi again Violet,

    " Yer too comfortable in your set way of thinking and are too scared to face facts..."

    Can you please tell us what facts we are too scared to face?


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