Attacking Newbie JW's

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  • Marilyn

    :::::::::As far as I'm concerned, blaming a whole religion for pain is a cop-out.

    Violet, It WAS the Jehovah's Witness religion that split up my family. It wasn't an individual. I could explain it in more detail but then you would accuse me of being too wordy.

    ps if you wish to talk on the phone about any of this I am sure that I can surprise you by being a good listener. my private email address is [email protected].

  • larc


    I rarely miss one of these battles, but I missed this one. After reading all this, I think you should do what you gotta do. You shoud get baptized and forget about what people write here. I wish you much happiness.

    Good luck,

    Your brother Larc.

  • Solace

    I am sorry that you have experienced such a painful ordeal.
    You must realize that many here including myself have endured pain also. I have never brought this up but I have gone through something similar with a man before I met my husband. I usually do not discuss it but you brought up a valid point. I do not blame any organization for the fact that someone forced himself on me either. If he was Catholic I would not blame the Catholic religion. Not that I know or care to know his religion but I do understand your point. Trust me, I was even prepared to write off men all together. I couldnt stand the sight of them.
    If there was anything I could do to prevent others from going through that, I would.
    There are people and agencies that can help you, if you let them.
    This is different Violet.
    I believe I have every right to blame the W.T.S for my families pain. Their bogus blood doctrine and constant brainwashing is the main cause of my grandfathers death.
    As far as leaving and getting on with our lives,
    I am getting on with my life. If I am here when Im 100 years old then so be it. I will not stop telling the truth about the W.T.S until they stop killing innocent people.

  • Realist

    Hello Violet,

    since my ex girlfriend is a witness i studied the bible with several of these people.
    i cannot agree that they are evil. they all seem very nice but they all completely lack the ability to think independently. no matter how ridiculously stupid the stories in the old testament are or how bogus the teachings of the watchtower ass. are they believe everything without any doubt.
    if you find Jesus teachings appealing (which i can understand very well!) and you want to believe in god, do it! No one will stops you!! but consider the possibility to do it without becoming one of these watchtower drones.
    before you waste your time listening to their nonsense and later by preaching this shit to others get a book about biology and read the bible by yourself!... i think you will profit much more from it!

    PS: have you noticed that they don't care about poor people? i think real Christians wouldn't act that way.

  • plmkrzy

    [[[[[Would that be an old fart LB ? neyank]]]]

    Personally I'm most afraid of the quiet ones.[8>]

    Don't take this as a bashing but I read through this thread and it seems to me that oyu are (and understandibly so) being more defensive then you need to be. I could be wrong but I think at least most of those who have reply'd to you realy do like you and aren't attacking you at least not in the since you feel they are. Maybe if you took a break from this topic for a bit and spoil yourself with a cappachino or something, then go back and read them again you might see the reply's in a different light.
    Just a suggestion. I have to do that myself sometimes other wise I find myself getting bent over things I don't need to be getting bent over.

  • LDH

    If I may inject a little fresh blood into this argument....

    Violet is one person I very rarely engage in dialogue with. WHY? Not because I dislike her, on the contrary, I thinks she's a great soul. But she's here to prove to herself how bad apostates really are, she doesn't want to do a fact based measurement. She only came to prove to herself what she already thought.

    She doesn't trust herself enough to make her own life decision without being molly-coddled by a bunch of old men. She feels safer in a world where everything is black and white. She can't learn from our experiences, she has to have her own.

    Well, that's her prerogative. If she wants to make excuses for the outrageous conduct she's suffered at the hands of those who call themselves "God's chosen," so be it.

    Nothing you all say will make a difference. In a few years she will be back on this board or one similar licking her wounds. Maybe, some of us will be nice enough not to say,

    "Told you so."

    I spent my entire youth selling books and magazines, apparently VA didn't. Or else, she liked it so much she wants more.

    Let her be.


  • Simon

    The site is supposed to be for everyone, both JW and exJW so that things can be discussed properly. I hate to think people are put off visiting, asking questions, joining in, just because of their current standpoint.

    It never ceases to amaze me how some people want to 'get the message' to JWs about the WTS but then make the message so unpleasant sounding and attacking that most people would never listen. It is possible to be too aggressive.

    The important thing to remember if a JW comes here is "wasn't I like that once"?

  • Abaddon

    Dear Violet,

    Come on... your desire to go back has more to do with fear of being alone, fear of having to decide what to do with your life, fear that things might not be so nice and simple as the Borg make out, than any claim on your part that it is the absolute 'truth'.

    Given a choice of making your own life and returning to the half-life which you have already lived much of your life in, you're going for the easy option.

    Why do I say this? Because you are not disproving ANYTHING that is said here about organisational errors, prophetic incompetance, scientific accuracy, or other specific criticisms of the Borg. You are just complaining about the comments being negative.

    You don't like the comments being so negative all the time, as it keeps reminding you, that even if you wanted it to be the truth (which you obviously do), it obviously ISN'T the truth.

    If you read the literature, associate with Witnesses, go to the meetings, you won't have any of those NASTY reminders that you are living a lie.

    Of course, if you do have some rebuttals of the varies accusations regarding the Borg and its teachings, fine, fire away. If not, please don't think you can fool us with your protestations that 'we' are unfair... obviously 'we' are unfair at times (sometimes we are not shiney happy people regarding our experience in the Borg... well, excuse me!), but, even if people get a little heated and over the top... we have a point. The Dubs can make no better claim to being God's organisation than any other religion, and have consistantly screwed their adherants on any number of levels. And you want to go back?

    But you don't provide any explaination why all the criticisms of the Borg are wrong and that they are God's Organisations... I think you'd be hard pressed to!

    You're afraid and alone, and want to return to the herd, as even though it is tended by wolves, the security of all those bodies pressed together moving in one direction is comforting... and that's what you need I think.

    Comfort. Being told that everything will be okay.

    Well, it will be Violet, provided you don't sacrifice your freewill on the altar of comfort.

    All the best to you, whatever you choose. I hope you see this as an interchange of opinions rather than an attack on you.

  • Hyghlandyr

    Violet -

    You bring up a very good point, which has been over looked and turned into a Violetfest...rather than a discussion of your original statement.

    That is that many times on this board, if someone defends the JWs, they are attacked, called names, labeled as trolls. The troll statement is the most interesting. It is used to add an air of superiority to the person using it, while minimizing the arguement of the person against whom it is used. I have seen it used time and again since I have been reading posts here. It has even been used in reference to me because I often end my posts with a quip about how I want three wives, seven concubines, and nine slave girls. As a result, that is the last thing the person remembers about me, and the entire post I have made is thus dismissed, valid or not. There was even an entire thread going for a while 'Is Hyghlandyr a Joke or What?'

    It is interesting that on that thread the complaints made about me were vague at best. Mostly they centered around the fact that JWs, and the Media come to this board, and if they see me talking about such things, that will just prove yall right, that apostates are just plain evil. Which could be true. On the other hand, no thought is given, or was given in that or other threads, that if we are to watch how we walk and watch how we talk that thus at no time may we offend...why we would incessantly attack Jehovahs Witnesses who come here.

    We have the case of a fella who never was a witness on the yahoo chat who attacks people the instant he knows they are a witness. He has no clue if they are trying to leave, or if they are abused or inactive or disfellowshipped, or suffering. He just finds out they are witnesses and attacks. Ive been very hard on him recently telling him to back off. Our pain and our experiences are not his. And certainly attacking a witness wont help them 'out' of the organization if that is our goal.

    It is not my goal. Two things, Ive said them before, eliminate shunning and turn in alleged child abusers. That's all I would like to see the Society do. Whether you have facts right or not, who cares. OK I dont believe Jesus existed, and I think people who do are deluded. Big deal I have my own delusions. If you are happy believing in him, you should be happy, just as I am sure you are not trying to prevent me from what you consider my delusions, like the belief that I shape-shift. (Which is a delusion hehe)

    I don't have any advice for you about the people who attack you. I do agree with them that they've gone through a lot of pain. But then much of that pain centers on the claim that they had self determination taken away. If it is true, then they, we, should absolutely let you have self determination, as well as the other witnesses.

    I will post things time to time, as I did a thread on how to deal with witnesses at the door. But dont look at them as personal attacks. I am giving my perspective and the way I think things should be. I emphasize that I think you should have the freedom to join any religion you want, even if I feel that religion impinges on your freedom. That is your choice...just as it can be your choice to leave in the future or stay, as you wish. In any case, I will back you.

  • Xenu

    So very, very true.

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