Proof of Noah's Flood - Presently watching a Documentary about Europe & the Ice Age

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    A couple of years ago, it was common (scientific) sense that parental lifestyle would (apart from actual damage by chemicals or radiation or mutation of unknown origin) not have an effect on the makeup of the genome (and therefore on the phenotype, the 'appearance') of the future child. (It would have been ridiculed as "Lamarckism".)

    More recent findings in epigenetics suggest otherwise.

    I personally would not advise to be too confident in any such difficult scientific matters.

    Even decades after Wegener had proposed the concept of continental drift, he was ridiculed for this whole idea, in part because of a mistake he had made regarding the actual movement of Iceland. Due to wrong data he had made a huge mistake there.

    Finding faults may help to improve or discard a theory.

    Without immense tectonic occurrences (as in catastrophic events) a lot of things are virtually unexplainable. Gradual sinking of temperature to the point of an ice age as well as a break through of the Mediterranean Sea into the Black Sea basin can account for a number of facts. For many observations the evidence is very difficult to explain, especially when it comes to developing a complete theory of geological as well as biological science.

    We may know a lot, but compared to what we know not, this lot comes next to little.

  • Phizzy

    Something we do know for sure is that the last Glaciation to affect the U.K and neighbours was.............10,500 years ago, now just remind me, when was "Noah's Flood" supposed to have happened ?

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    (Even a lot of this vague information I just wrote, I only know from hearsay and not from personal experience. Do I (e.g. in this context) believe in God? Who is God so that I could believe in him? If God is what anyone else knows, I couldn't say. If God is all I know, it can hardly be God, due to the little I know. Do I trust Christ to be God's son? Which Christ? The Catholic, Islamic, Adventist, Evangelical (which?), Jehovah's Witnesses' Christ? Truth, I trust it exists, is the greatest. No one of us has it. But it must be there. We gain pieces, we fight, we grow, we fall. What will remain in the end?)

  • hannes

    Hi Phizzy,

    the Mayan Calendar says, if I remember correctly, 8th of August 3114 B.C. to be first day after flood. Old Greek (Septuagint), Jos. Flavius (he quotes other historians regarding the existence of some flood in the past), Samaritan Pentateuch come up with similar calculations, less exact though. Fond of Mayan tradition? No. I find a lot of it grotesque, to say the least. I don't even know any tradition that is (entirely or very) trustworthy. The same with scientific tradition. Tradition starts with the first report. Truth, however, I trust is and can be found. By everyone, everwhere, always. That is to me the beauty of life and living. We humans, even the fellow animals and the plants, bacteria and mushrooms find truth. We all just name it differently.

  • cofty

    "Scientific tradition" is an oxymoron.

  • QC

    umm... the other side of the story

  • cofty

    There is no other side.

    There is the verifiable, irrefutable fact that there was no global flood and then there is a silly Bronze-Age myth that was made up in a pre-scientific world and is still believed to this day by people who prefer myth to reality.

    In today's world ignorance is a choice.

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    Thanks QC - You provided my "Joke of the Day" for 2nd August 2013.

    I don't know how you keep doing it, just when I think the level of ignorance has peaked, you find more. AWESOME!

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