Specific Comments By R&F About May Broadcast

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  • OzGirl

    Comment I have heard some of the elderly ones make:

    "They've been telling us for years to "keep our life simple." Now its their turn."

  • brandnew
    @ozgirl.....GOOD 1
  • helpmeout
    My dear wife, who does not like to be critical or listen to any negative comments, has refused to watch any of the tv broadcasts. She feels that Jehovah is not going to require people to have the internet in order to be found worthy of life. We are on a metered internet connection. She prefers to play a few of her favourite games rather than waste precious data on watching tv. When I mentioned the May broadcast to her and encouraged her to watch it, she said that she is not interested. She does not have any money to donate so it is not of any concern to her. I think that her feelings are mirrored my many many jws. While most jws are uncomfortable expressing their doubts and concerns; money talks. The one thing a doubting jw can do is to stop donating. This will speak volumes.
  • rebel8


    They used to have a short list of things that distinguished them from Babylon The Great. We can cross "asking for $" off the list for sure now.

    They've backed off on 1914 recently too. What's left?

  • freemindfade

    As with many of you, I have the same elephant in the room with my wife where we don't engage in speaking about these things, even though these last 6 months I don't say anything, if she catches me watching the broadcast I might as well be watching pornography lol "why are you watching that!!!" Obviously its a combination of her thinking how this nonsense will look to me, and maybe how it actually makes her uncomfortable, anyone that can watch those videos at the end and not say "wtf" deep down inside even underneath the CogDis, is mentally ill.

    I can see it playing out this way, the GB has trained the RF for years to give what they feel is enough, so a lot say "I don't have anything to give so i don't have to." When the funds don't increase maybe their message will get more and more blunt. They will point the finger more at their stingy followers and accuse them of effing up the work.

  • NewYork44M
    Accountability and transparency are two terms that define good corporate governance. There is nothing close to governance in this May presentation. It should make the R&F angry.
  • freemindfade
    Yep NewYork44M from a business perspective you don't talk like that then back it up with vague numbers and a fake graph going up. As a professional that part of is so insulting. You want to talk frank about finances and fiscal things, then do it! They did anything but.
  • Closer to Fine
    Closer to Fine

    Sadly, my spouse is planning on giving more. I guess he truly believes that the gb telling him to give more is the same as god telling him to give more. I'm both saddened and frustrated that he can't think for himself.

  • done4good

    a watcher -I haven't gotten any feedback from my Sisters yet, but I know how I feel about the May broadcast.

    I sometimes wonder if the GB in their ivory tower know we're in the middle of a recession/depression, and things are going to get WORSE, not better.

    I hope there are some rich Witnesses that can afford to give the GB what they want.

    I sure can't.

    Do you see the cognitive dissonance in this post, watcher? Look for it, if you don't.


  • freddo

    Text received by me from a still in ex-elder who as far as I know is still not a doubter.

    Him "Have you seen the May Broadcast?"

    Me (playing dumb) "What's it about?"

    Him "First it's give us your money then followed by quit your job and go to the meeting!"

    Me "You winding me up?"

    Him "Watch it and see for yourself."

    The next day I texted him back

    Me "Wow! You were right! what happened to Luke 14:28?"

    No reply as yet ...

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