Specific Comments By R&F About May Broadcast

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    Driving Force


    • DF: when under stress one tends to revert back to the personality before being indoctrinated into the cult.
    • What is your basis for saying this?

    On looking at the statement I made, maybe it was a bit hasty my saying that. The subject and the problems I am having at the moment are quite emotional.

    On saying that I was led to make the statement due to the following factors:

    1. I have noticed with myself that I have reverted back to some extent to my pre-cult personality

    2. I have noticed with my wife, although I did not know her before she was JW, she has told me some of the things she did before she was a JW, and they did show a level of viciousness

    3. In Steven Hassen's book "Combating Cult Mind Control" (New Edition) from page 133 onwards he discusses that every cult member has a Dual Personality, this is even so for Born-ins. When in the cult the cult-personality dominates, and occasionally the non-cult/pre-cult personality raises its head

    4. Also from a biblical point of view Ephesians 4:22-24 does also talk about having two personalities

    So as my original comments causing you to question my statement, from my side was emotionally charged, I beg that you take this into account.


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    An elder brought this topic up with me. His family is not very well off.
    He described it as a "give us your money" talk.

    I agreed. I said we are now televangelists.

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    BTT. I don't hear a lot from too many dubs. Has anyone heard anything else about the May video?

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