Specific Comments By R&F About May Broadcast

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  • freemindfade

    I know there are many posts discussing the May money requesting televangalism...er... broadcast I mean! But I wanted to start one where anyone can put what they have heard any non-exjw, non-apostate witnesses say good or bad about the broadcast. I don't see how it can't rattle followers... but then again I might be surprised how they can twist things (2+2=5).

    So please post comments you have heard from R&F, here is one I heard

    "the organization is having issues because you know the bible said they would be attacked...."(pro org )

    I would like to see some that are not pro org, where people actually got rattled, please use this thread to share what you've heard.
  • Finkelstein

    Its always interesting and a bit surprising how an organization fronted by wholesome and honest religion can lie and deceive people with blanket proficiency.

  • Finkelstein
    From looking at a perspective of the cost of this new UK branch the cost is pretty staggering, which makes one think the recent cry for money on the JWorg. video by GB Lett might very well have something to do with that.

    Mind you the WTS sold at least 8 of their other branches around the world so they obviously have some cash floating around that they can spend.

    There's no question though that the WTS has money accumulated mostly acquired by the sales of their properties all over the world. I hear Germany is getting a new branch as well, who will be next on the list maybe Canada
  • brandnew

    I showed my elderly dad..who doesnt go along at all with all the internet hype. And he totally thinks its made up, said a governing body member would never talk like that.

    I showed him a picture of Lett in the "let your kingdom come "book....

    He's gonna ask an elder to verify.....yay!

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    In the Spanish congs I mingle in, not a peep about this nonsense. The vast majority of us are immigrants, so any extra goes to our families here in the USA or abroad or to help our follow-up generation do better than ourselves.

    If those idiots in NY have spent incorrectly all the funds already given to them, then tough luck jerks! Have enough with all the contributions sent by the congs monthly and all the moneys sent every single time there is an assembly. Greedy bastards!


  • joe134cd
    I think the situation might of been a bit different if they had been a bit more up front with the initial letter in the first place. I have a friend who currently works in the U.S bethel. She confirmed to me that rumours were floating around that there are money troubles and that real estate was the most likely solution to turn to. Although she was unable to verify it with proof the fact she knew about it and could verify that there are whispers at the heart of the organisation is very very telling. They are certainly turning to real estate now as an income stream as the printing industry now no longer becomes viable.
  • Oubliette

    Noam Chomsky on another subject, but it fits:

  • oppostate

    not a peep about contrib's

    but one comment about how "animated" bro. Lett is.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Lett sounds like a clown talking to retarded children. Most condescending and belittling tone of voice. It took all my self-control to make it through the whole presentation.


  • All for show
    All for show

    Thanks for starting this thread.

    I've posted two comments. I will repeat them here.

    My very in aunt and uncle are disgusted and confused. He said, "their money problems are their problem" and " the economies been bad for a long time, we all have had to adjust, so it's time for them to adjust"

    Some good friends said they are so discouraged. People have to work just to get by and not have any luxuries. The example of the man quitting his job, made them upset. Setting a horrible precedent, they themselves are in a horrible financial situation and are barely making it, missing many meetings and getting flake for it.

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