Protecting pedophiles while protecting children

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  • *lost*

    Interestingly enough, when I was 'in', the amount of Catholic Bashing that went on was unreal.

    Yet WT is one and the very same thing, worse !! why, they claim to be the 'true' religion, blah blah.... same old .... representing god himself on earth, je-hovah himself.

    woooooh... think the 'real' God not gonna be too happy about all that, seeing as WT now been unmasked for the 'cult' that it truly is, and given that WT and jw's are very vocal about condemning everyone else, it now looks like they are going to be thrown into the pot with all the olther 'false religions'.

    Isn't that irony ? they have pre-judged and condemned themselves.

    Stillin - do you accept the truth about the use of the name je-hovah and that it is not actually God's name ?

    so if it is not, who are they worshipping ?

  • stillin

    Lost, I don't know God's name. I think God would not be so petty as to insist on something like that. I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors at Bethel. That's why they close keep me in the dark.

    but I would be mentally diseased if I insisted that I knew. :)

  • *lost*

    I don't know about what goes on behind closed doors in Bethel hasn got to do with it, by the way, you have just showed, in that statement,

    that 'secret talks' confidential things, are discussed and driven forward from behind closed doors.

    I'm sure there are a few other's here who will take apart the God being petty bit ( I hear them rushing forward like ravenous wolves, lol ).

    Are you confused ST ? about your beliefs, your spirituality, your life ? about religion etc ?

    You say your wife is still in, and you admire her, for 'sticking' with je-hovah. Well, if je-hovah, is not God, as it has been discussed and proven, and that particular translation originated in Germany ( I think), would not that concern you ?

    The lie, the deception, the trickery. that you and your wife support and worship an entity who is not whom you think to be ?

    I for sure wouldn't want to be involved in worshiping satan the devil. That is a big thing with jw's.

    Could be, jw's are brainwashed demon possessed slaves ? scary thought that actually, but it fits perfectly.

  • stillin

    Nothing of the sort has been proven, lost. If God wants me to call Him Jehovah, I would hope that His "name people" would have been better than what they are.

    If you have a problem with my respecting my wife's loyalty to her God...TS

  • cofty
    Could be, jw's are brainwashed demon possessed slaves ? - Lost

    No. It's much more mundane than that.

  • stillin

    Thank you, cofty. Eloquent!


    Stillin, I don't think of you as an apologist. Still, I think you are not looking at all the facts. Have you read all the new documents at JWleaks? The WTBTS refused to cooperate with the Working With Children Act in Victoria, Australia. They did this for years,and instructed the Elders to NOT comply with the act either. Then they lied and said that they hav been fully cooperating!

    Seriously, they are only doing what is legally neccessary to cover themselves. They routinely side with what is legal, versus what is morally right. They are supposed to be the one true channel Bro! What do you think of that? Do you feel that they are doing what they should? Are they really basing their decisions on love for their God and neighbor?

    I understand where you are coming from, I think. There are some who are accused of sex-crimes and are actually innocent. They don't deserve to have their names plastered all over the net. What about a 18 boy and a 17 year old (minor) girl? Some parents have taken action against the 18 year old, even though the relationship was consensual. Now this 18 year old kid is followed by the stigma of being a sexual offender. That sucks.

    What about an adult who is falsely accused? That is horrible too. Once that allegation is made and becomes public, it may never be forgotten. So I don't think a list should be revealed to the public in some vigilante manner. The sad thing is, this whole situation could have been avoided all together if " GOD's Channel " understood the relationship between the 2-witness rule and the Superior Authorities. If they properly involved the authorities who are trained to do their jobs, the number of mistakes would be greatly reduced. Those falsely accused could be aquitted, and exhonerated. Those who tried to hide behind the WTBTS's inadequate procedures would more than likely be caught by the highly trained forces of the authorities.

    There is every reason to report immediately. Those who are accused falsely can have their name cleared. Those who know how to work the system of the WTBTS would be caught in their own cunning by the Superior Authorities. Reporting is a win/win. The ONLY reason the WTBTS has made the piddly refinements of late is because they have been forced to. They do NOTHING because it's right and honorable. It's all about saving face and keeping up appearances. They claim to be lguided by God's spirit?!? It's disgusting. I have to believe that you really know that deep down. What prompted you to start this post?


  • Vidqun

    Stillin, you are welcome to your views, I just don't agree with you. I have also given this a lot of thought, even confronted the elders about it. What they told me was revealing. They view pedophilia as "just another sin" and they deal with it as they do with all other sins.

    But think about it, is it "just another sin"? First of all, it is not consensual, e.g., fornication. In most countries, sex with a minor is viewed as rape. Secondly, minors are involved, so it is a serious breech of trust. Thirdly, lifelong damage is caused. It cannot be handled as "just another sin."

    Coming back to the pedophile/predator, he or she is addicted to having sex with a child. Do you really think they are going to stop? Most pedophiles are repeat offenders and are removed from society for a reason. I really believe the welfare of the victim must take precedence, and not that of the pedophile offender. The WT does it the other way round, they protect the perpetrator and sideline the victim.

  • talesin

    Keeping a list of pedos, and claiming to 'keep a watch on them' is NOT enough. Every case must be reported to the proper authorites - that is, the police and the agency that is set up by the government to protect children.

    Pedophiles have a 97% recidivism rate,,,,,,,, 97% ! If one is caught, they have usually already molested many others ...

    I don't say this in anger, but you are NOT a professional in the field, and your naivete is that of one who is sheltered from the reality of pedophilia. I am/was a professional who worked with survivors and victims of child rape. This CANNOT be handled by elders or anyone else who is not professionally trained.

    Always, these crimes MUST be reported, for the sake of the children.


  • jhine

    stillin 2 points , you have been asked if you had been a victim would your view be different ? Well my question is what if one of your children had been a victim ? of even what you seem to see as a not so serious assault ? Would you tell one of your own children not to whine , if they were waking at night crying , having nightmares , scared to see the attacker . How would you feel having to tell that child that nothing would be done because no-one else saw what happened ? and anyway what he or she did wasn't that serious !!

    Also , you say that you admire your wife for keeping her faith in Jehovah . You seem to be falling into the trap that faith in God means having to be a JW . You yourself have faded so you say, so you know that there is something rotten in the state of Watchtower . Your wife can have a faith in God ( you have also said that you do not know that Jehovah is His name ) but not be a JW . There is enough evidence on line , indeed on this forum to show just how far off the mark they are in their theology to show that they cannot be trusted to explain a bus timetable never mind the Bible .

    I am not having a go at r&f JWs , they are well meaning and deceived by the org. but if you are on this forum you are questioning .

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