Protecting pedophiles while protecting children

by stillin 155 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    It's really good to continue these discussions. If people don't talk there's no change, no awareness. And when people are writing, they are listening to themselves and getting feedback.

  • stillin

    Maybe if I was a victim I would feel differently. It's a disgusting form of perversion, for sure. I see the lynch mob is forming now.

    I'm not active, no. But neither am I willing to jump on any bandwagon that is motivated by blind hatred.

  • flipper

    STILLIN- I believe you miss the point completely. It's not a question of whining or going " wahhhhh " over the WT Society's irresponsibility or not as you state. It's a question of whether or not if YOU see the seriousness of criminal negligence on the WT leaders part concerning felonious crimes committed by it's JW members ! To me- Your thread entirely underestimates the seriousness of WT fostering child abuse situations and winking at such conduct by saying that WT leaders can with the stroke of a child abuse policy " paintbrush stroke " wipe out YEARS and YEARS of damage that hs been done or is STILL continuing to be done by not having tight, restrictions on how inconsistently WT appointed elders do NOT follow the laws of the land in reporting child abuse. That IS the WT Society's fault and they are to be held liable for any criminal negligence. Apparently the courts agree with my take because as we interact here the Candace Conti lawsuit is pending in appellate courts for almost $ 20 million in judgment AGAINST the WT Society. I'm especially apalled at your WT aplogist stance since your own wife got molested ! How does SHE view your stance. You definitely need to learn some compassion dude. You are missing a very important sensitivity chip in your bloodstream

  • Truth seeker 674
    Truth seeker 674

    Lynch mob. What do you expect when you post a defence of the watchtower's pedofile friendly polocies? I hope that more lawyers will come forward and sue watchtower. I don't think many courts will see it as jumping on the bandwagon motivated by blind hatred.

  • stillin

    Flipper, maybe I do miss the point. I've done that before. But even though my wife is carrying all of her baggage, she hasn't taken a myopic stance against the WTS. As though pedophilia is the whole reason for the WTS' existence. Many here have taken that view. Different people handle things differently. I respect her for not throwing out the worship of Jehovah along with the trash of pedophilia. Totally different things in her mind. More of us could learn from that. To her it has value still, so she isn't letting go.

    Justice will be served. Whether by the legal system or by the sands of time.

    My "worldly" family was squeaky clean in this matter. Child molesters were the trashiest of the trash. We agree! I was shocked to learn that there seemed to be a high concentration of them among the JWs.

    Ican't change what has already happened. I have read the whole of the thread that you began 5 years ago. I am moved by some of the accounts.

    Why can't anybody here be glad to see that the stance of the WTS is changing?

    I'm out, but I'm Stillin

  • new22day

    "but the truth is that not all (pedophiles) are the slavering, predatorial animals that they are painted to be. Each circumstance has its' own specifics."

    Stillin: what you said above is pretty telling. In your view, not all adults who sexually assault children are predators. (What exactly are they??)

    It sounds like you really don't think sexual assault is that big of a deal. I mean why are these victims "whining" about being violated? According to you they should just suck it up. They were necessary sacrificial lambs, so the org. can improve itself.

    I'm glad the secular justice system disagrees with you. Sex with children is a crime - a really bad one in fact. And yes, it is predatory - it takes some planning.

    "Maybe if I was a victim I would feel differently"

    I think you just might! If some big, strong man tied you up and fondled you, and made you fondle him and then raped you. And you couldn't tell anyone, and you knew it was going to happen again and again, you might just feel differently about the matter. Maybe you could spend a week in prison as an experiment.

  • stillin

    What new22 has described is the worst of the worst. Not all cases go like that, though none of them is good.

    it's certainly an emotional issue. But does reason have to be discarded?

  • cofty
    Now who is naive?

    Not me. I don't believe they will ever do anything but the absolute minimum to cover their backsides from litigation.

  • stillin

    You are probably right. They have lawsuits to settle, bills to pay. Itches to scratch.

    it's an entirely different organization now than it was when I converted.

  • flipper

    STILLIN- People WOULD be glad if the WT Society's stance was REALLY changing. But it's not. It's very clear and it's VERY evident by not only people's experiences those I've mentioned but others experiences as well. The WT leaders and their financial leaders just give LIP SERVICE to the alleged changes. It's a propaganda tool to get their own members to THINK they are changing child abuse policies so as to shut people up from talking. It's a mirage.

    It's the same kind of double speak as was used in the book 1984 . Say one thing to not draw attention to themselves, but do another behind closed doors. You know and realize this. It's the way the WT Society has operated for years since 1879. If you were once a JW and now are not let's put it this way you SHOULD realize this by now

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