Protecting pedophiles while protecting children

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  • Violia

    CYA stllin and only for folks they never cared for anyway, not for the victims or the flock.

  • Violia

    justice will not be served, stillin , until the wts is forced by law and threat of loss of money to vomit up what they know

    . you can be sure if any sister or male not qualified to serve is involved- they will go after them to make it look like they are doing something. It is akin to Legalese stillin, it just looks like they are doing something. they won't catch the really dangerous perps , but might get a few who are easy to pick off. they never do anything unless under threat of loss of money or public disgrace.

    women are encourged to forgive the elders and not go to the police afterall, they too have sinned . one sin is the same as another. Bullsh*t .

  • Simon

    I think we need to be clear on things.

    There is a difference between an allegation and a proper investigation / conviction. People who are accused of a crime have rights and one of those is freedom from a lynch mob who often aren't the sharpest knives in the toolbox. There were cases in the UK years ago where pediatricians had their houses attacked because of mobs of idiots who thought it meant the same as pedophile, I kid you not.

    So no, mobs are never the answer and people shouldn't be taking action on the basis of allegations other than to report things to the appropriate authorities so that those with the training and expertise can investigate things.

    However, that is not the same as protecting someone who has been shown to be an abuser. Again, I wouldn't advocate a mob but neither should things be covered up and hidden.

    In terms of rehabilitiation and preventing future crimes, releasing names and mob violence etc... has been shown to have an adverse effect so should be discouraged.

  • Finkelstein

    There has been some increased openness in regards to pedophilia within the JW organization over the years due to mainly

    other religious institutions having similar problems creating public awareness but there still needs to be more done to

    protect the young and innocent who are attending JWS kingdom halls and outside as well.

    One unwelcoming circumstance of not reporting these situations to the legal authorities is that perpetrators can and do

    flee once they have been identified within a congregation. Being DFed in congregation does nothing to protect the general

    public at large because it is known that pedophiles do re-offend even after they been openly identified.

    Thats why its very important to have them incarcerated and go through psychoanalytical rehabilitation.

  • ABibleStudent

    Why does the WTBTS want to investigate crimes by JWs? IMHO it is to control the situation and consequences so that people will view the WTBTS in a positive light instead of as a breeding ground for pedophilles and criminals. The WTBTS does not really care about protecting children. It only cares about protecting its image.

    If the WTBTS wanted to protect children, it would promote that victims, perpertrators, and elders file reports with local law enforcement immediately and before contacting the legal department, require that two non-related and different sex adult members supervise/conduct WTBTS promoted activities with children, and all baptized publishers submit to criminal background check before working with children. There are many non-JW and non-religious organizations that have implemented the aforementioned simple and sensible protections for children.

    Since the WTBTS claims to be a religion, it should be more concerned with the spiritual and emotional healing of its members, verses trying to conduct an investigation into who did what to whom and when.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • LostGeneration

    What a stupid post.

    Oh, so now they are "keeping track" of pedos. Whatever that means. And look at who is doing it, people wholly unqualified to do so. Oh, and there just happens to be a giant loophole where a pedo move from one congo to another. Who knows how long, (if ever) the new congo gets full notification of what the pedo has done.

    And the current elder book and latest BOE letter still reiterate the same position of "call legal" before any police involvement. And legal still does not instruct elders to call police in states that do not require mandatory reporting. All they say is "stay out of the way" if the victim or family decides to report, basically leaving them out to twist in the wind or be pressured by any elders who wander off of the reservation and try to hush things up.

    Oh and lets review the "put the victim and the accuser in the same room" instruction noted in the flock book. Yes, lets have that little kid have to sit in a room with the elders and the victim and have to accuse them. What a load of horse shit that kind of abuse is on a child or teen.

    I don't know what exactly your motive is in posting stuff like this stillin, maybe soothing your guilty conscience if you are actually "still in" the b0rg?

    The policy is written as is for one reason alone, to minimize and avoid liability at all costs. The chickenshits running this organization care about one thing and thats it -MONEY! They don't care how many kids get raped as long as they don't have to pay for it.

  • stillin

    All organizations have "spin." That's part of the definition almost. Not all have transparency, though, and if you give that a little thought, you are probably glad for that. I don't even want the WTS to acknowledge that I was ever fool enough to play their games. Or other groups that I have participated in.

    ever hear of AA? You want them all outed because some drunks run over people?

  • LostGeneration

    False analogy, try again.

  • Vidqun

    All I have to add, if you're still in, I hope you and your wife refrain from having children. If you do decide to have a child one day, and that child is molested by a JW predator/pedophile (perhaps an elder's son), only then will you understand a lot of the sentiments expressed here. As a start, look up the Silent Lambs website. It's very enlightening. Also do yourself a favour and read what happened in Victoria, Australia. Perhaps then you will feel a little empathy for the victims. Oh yes, now that "the faithful and discreet slave" = GB, they must take full responsibility for what is going on right now. And remember, if you give the WT a contribution, who knows, it might be going to the Pedophile Protection Program.

  • cantleave

    As it ius highly unlikely that no one on a body of elders is qualified to investigate any crime, then any accusation should be reported to the police! They are qualified, it is what they do.

    After the accusation has been reported to the police, tell the branch. Simples!

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