Protecting pedophiles while protecting children

by stillin 155 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • tijkmo

    i think stillin has a point insomuch as at least the wt is doing something now. (e.g i know that known abusers are followed by 2-team attendants at big conventions 24/7). but i imagine any victims are still being doubted and certainly not getting recommended therapy other than org based treatment of keep busy do more study/service/prayer until the appointed wait on jehovah time.

    all of which makes the whole holy-spirit-directed claim such nonsense.

    i can understand folk that choose to stay in. as an organization it is well run and offers support and friendship and guidance to all who at least look like they are playing along. it is certainly no worse than other organizations that do similarly and who will also have their fair share of nutters, thieves, child abusers, adulterers etc etc etc among them. it might even be better than most..but it doesn't imo make them backed by god. otherwise he is doing a very strange job of directing them

  • Miss.Fit

    Stillin says:I know that a lynch mob forms whenever there's a hint of anybody being a pedophile,

    but the truth is that not all are the slavering, predatorial animals that they are painted to be. Each circumstance has its' own specifics.

    Really?? Would you want any of them around your or your family's children? Do you have any examples?


  • flipper

    STILLIN- What kind of Peyote you been smokin' ? WT Society hasn't done SQUAT to improve their reporting of child molesters or pedophiles within the JW organization. I know this for a fact as my wife and I have friends who have been victimized as recently as the last couple of years by elders who refuse to report active JW child molesters to police - in spite of in one case this pedophile guy having a criminal record and served 10 years time in a prison for molesting his first child. You know what happened ? You guessed it- he got out of prison, found a new JW single mom victim and molested HER daughter just a year and a half ago. And he was ALLOWED this access to children in SPITE of the elders KNOWING his criminal background and they refused to even look at the psychologists report indicating he was a " dangerous sexual predator " who should NOT be allowed to be around children. The man got DFEd, but was allowed back in within 6 months of his molesting his JW wifes daughter. She had to get a restraining order and move to another state with her daughter. The child molesters fate ? He STILL attends the SAME kingdom hall jut a different congregation .

    If you read the latest instructions to elders in their 2011 elders manual ( which I have ) NOTHING has changed that would protect children from still being victimized by pedophiles and child molesters STILL have plenty of access to child victims if they want to find a victim. Which they usually do. STOP making excuses for a criminal organization who only cares about protecting it's allegedly " respectable " image and bank accounts and start doing more thorough research and you'll see your theories on WT Society's child abuse policies are indeed seriously flawed. You really need access to more thorough information. Unless you're a JW apologist and anything I say will go in one ear and out the other. So if that's the case , screw it- you just don't want to be informed . I've had enough of people making excuses for these WT bastard leaders. They need be locked up with the key thrown away. If you claim they are being resonsible for children getting molested- how about the thousands of children who have DIED by not being allowed a blood transfusion. How do you explain that one away. Jeez

  • blondie

    The WTS is not doing it to help the victions but to protect their organizational ass as the secular laws get stronger.

  • stillin

    Sometimes somebody has to get really pissed off to get things done. Future mighta-been- victims can be grateful to the Candace Contis and others who jumped in the fray and scored against a bad system.

    As I have told Flipper in a past conversation, my wife was one of those victims. She was held guilty of being precocious while the older brother went Scott free. She was 10. She chalked it up to poor leadership/men in general. She carries her anger with her to this day. Don't tell ME that the system stinks! Or that something isn't fair. I know all about it, but I'm not going around "wahhhh!" about it.

    The same rules apply to any and all organizations. Zero tolerance. This is a transition period for WTS. But they're doing it.

  • cofty

    Stillin - Your naivity is jaw-dropping.

  • stillin

    Why am I naive? Because I'm not in total denial like some are about anything the WTS doing that might actually be spot on?

    Give the devil his due.

  • cofty

    How can it be "spot-on"?

    When the 2 witness rule is scrapped, when all elders are instructed to report allegations to the police BEFORE the legal department, when all historic allegations held in secret files are opened and given to the police, when every elder and branch elder and WT lawyer who has ever been involved in a cover-up is removed, when every victim receives a personal apology and substantial financial damages from the governing body - THEN they will be beginning to make progress.

  • stillin

    Now who is naive?

  • *lost*

    Jesus Christ how can anyone ever ever stand on beside paedo's and defend them ????? especially on a ex-jw forum, where there are lots of people who know all about pain suffering and abuse.

    Still in - I guess by your name you are literally still in then. associating with and dedicating your life to 'the cult of je-hovah aka Satan' cos you cannot slave for 2 masters. and if it isn't God the creator, as wt drums into us for years and years, it's satan. Just another one of their (the cult's) many lies.

    Do you have children ? are you a parent, any ?

    Was you abused as a child ? Can you empathise with what they have and still do, and always will suffer ?

    Do you really believe wt and jw's are really founded on Biblical truth and true Christian principles, as set forth by the scriptures, that they have the 'truth' ?

    Nice to see the wt still has a few stauch supporters left anyhow's.

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