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    but whether it is really important if I know

    from the OP. I relate to that -- it was one of the conclusions I came to, too, on my journey toward rationality. I realized one day it doesn't matter whether I believe or not, belief doesn't change reality. I realized it didn't matter whether or not I could know for certain about god. I decided to just get on with life. Eventually I came to another realization -- that those things that ARE proveable and knowable, stuff scientists in all fields have learned and shared, make it extremely unlikely that god exists. All the different gods that people believe in are just reflections of themselves.

    As for challenging the beliefs of others, I mostly don't unless they insist on preaching. If you bring up a subject, I have the right to ask questions. I'm not personally attacking anyone, just asking questions about the beliefs they have preached to me. If you don't want an atheist to challenge what you believe, quit preaching about it to them. Or ignore them.

  • confusedandalone

    "All the different gods that people believe in are just reflections of themselves."

    Exactly my point. Everyone, everywhere has a god and it is so funny that the god the serve/worship just fits in so well with their laws and customs. SO pretty much wherever I am as long as I abide by whatever customs they have I seem to be ok with the deity.

    Although this is convienent it is also very telling

  • talesin

    Since I have pages and pages of posts of constructive dialogue and debate with theists I must be one of your moderates.

    LMFAO~! SERIOUSLY? Moderate? ahahahaha!

    Constructive? YOU are one of main offenders. You denigrate Xtians, and are nasty and supercilious ... I'm sick of your mean and superior attitude. You are barely out of the *cult* attitude, and have turned your zealot attitude to science. I LOVE science, but your way of using it against religious people is both vociferous and punitive. I'm sure you've turned a lot of people away from this site with your comments.


  • cofty

    I think you may have mistaken me with somebody who cares about your opinion of me Talesin.

  • Phizzy

    I like Tal, she says what she feels, but I have to disagree with her contention that hordes of people are turned away from this site by Cofty, or anyone with a forthright opinion and way of expressing it.

    When I first found this site, as a born-in, and in for decades, and still a believer in God and the Bible, and the Creation by God (to a degree, I didn't take it as literally as presnted by the WT), there were a good number of believers, but a good number who were not and who really pulled me up sharp about my blinkered beliefs.

    I was not "turned away", why ? because I knew I was free to seek out the truth, and if what these people said was not truth I could challenge them on it.

    So, I studied about Evolution/Natural Selection, about the Bible and its history etc. I found that most of what these people said was 99.9% accurate, and when it wasn't they had put in a caveat that further research was needed, or that doubtful bit was their personal opinion.

    To find such people, after the stifling control of the WT, was a breath of fresh air.

    Anyone who is so feeble of spirit that they cannot have their beliefs challenged should go (or go back) to the WT/JW mental prison, or similar place of warmth and comfort for the non-thinking.

  • caliber


    Showing or feeling no concern for others' feelings


    marked by free, forthright, and sincere expression <a frank reply>
    a: unmistakably evident <frank materialism>
    b: clinically evident and unmistakable

    Surely there must be a balance between these two words defined above

    Is faith all about feelings or science all about facts ?

    The past causes produced present effects. Is not beginning of things the key to the present. ?

    Can we work backwards using what is today and explain what was before ?

    If you don't think I'm right you must be incompetent" (.. will this lead to any meanful discussion ?)

    "to measure is to know " ( that the only way to go ?)

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    Confusedandalone God talks to people much more than is thought and to more people than some faiths like to teach. He doesn’t do it with everyone straight away in the life spans they have on earth though because God wants people to communicate these things with others who haven’t yet experienced them. The reason is because love is the object lesson of this life and with no communication there is no love. Saying that though, God will communicate with everyone in time but Gods communication isn’t always with words although very occasionally it is. God also doesn’t pick groups to communicate with over other groups. All groups are the same in this respect. The Jewish thing with Jesus was for everyone as well using them as an object lesson at the right place at the right time. They needed help more than most because of the danger of them being so religious that violence would go with it which is still does in that part of the world.

  • designs

    The Big Kahuna will never die

  • cofty

    Thank you Phizzy.

    I think there is a common misconception that people should be left alone with whatever they want to believe.

    I disagree. We are on a religious discussion forum where people should expect their ideas to be challenged.

    Beliefs really matter. We get shunned by our families because they hold silly beliefs about the supernatural.

    Escaping the borg is a good start but we need to go on thinking and studying and learning so we can measure our beliefs against reality.

    It is never comfortable when people oppose things we cherish. In truth they are more of a friend than people who pretend to respect our superstitions.

    " I respect you as a person too much to respect your ridiculous beliefs ." - Johann Hari

    I like Tal, she says what she feels

    I have been on the receiving end of unprovoked personal rants on three or four occasions so forgive me if I have less affection.

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